This month we received a new subscription box(es, there were two) from the crew over at Skoshbox. For those who are not aware, Skoshbox was and is the very first Japanese candy subscription box to hit the United States market. And as a few things have changed since our initial review, we try to showcase what is different with these. S0 without further ado, check out the Skoshbox Unboxing video below:

For the overall value, Skoshbox is another great option to consider when looking for a Japanese subscription candy service. Our favorite aspect (asides from the lovely packaging) was knowing exactly what was in the box with the informative labels and the informational booklets. As this not only opens everything up for individuals with dietary needs and allergies, it also is a very transparent and ethical way to present any product. By ethical, we are of course referring to the fact that some Japanese candy is currently illegal within the U.S. and it is comforting to know exactly what is contained within the candy we are consuming.

Thinking of ordering one for yourself? Click here!

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Skoshbox to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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