We learned in the November 2015 Nintendo Direct that the classic titles of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow would be coming to the Nintendo eShop this February. But today, the Pokémon Company revealed that the titles would be bundled with special edition Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS handheld consoles with the titles pre-installed.


The North American release will feature two unique 3DS systems that feature Charizard and Blastoise on the faceplates. The system will have Red or Blue installed to the system (obviously matching the color you buy) as well as a home menu theme themed around the special edition handheld. These bundles are to ship the same day as the titles release on the Nintendo eShop, which is set for February 27th.


For those fans across the pond, have no fear. Europe will see its own special release of Nintendo consoles, albeit a bit different. Those in Europe will be able to purchase a special edition Nintendo 2DS themed after Pokémon Red, Blue or Yellow. Each system will have the corresponding title pre-installed, come with stickers and a code to download a home menu theme for the system.

All of this news came alongside the Pokémon Company‘s plans to celebrate the series’ 20th anniversary. (Time sure flies). Plans include all sorts of different releases including special edition cards, digital and physical releases of Pokémon films, and special edition trading cards.

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