This month we received a subscription box from Tokyo Treat. Being that it was February and the month which includes Valentines day, there were a lot of Valentines day themed candy involved. Check out the unboxing video below:

The Unboxing

The Review

Now to kick things off, I was wrong. Not everything within the box was Strawberry flavored (obviously not the potato rings or taco flavored chips). Namely, the taffy style candy at the end was actually plum flavored candy. Each of the various candies were distinct enough to provide quite a variety of flavors. The red bean flavored beverage was definitely something different to behold. If you could imagine drinking a warm and creamy red bean drink then you  pretty much have a good idea. I can’t say I disliked it and I am definitely intrigued to try out more having experienced that for the first time. For those who have never experienced red bean flavored items before, now is a better place and time than ever to start.

Much to Matt’s dismay, the bonus snack was not an “add water and get an aquarium” type. It was actually a chocolate encased in a waffle cone that was stylized to look like a fish. The best way I could describe the taste would be if you were to eat a freeze dried drumstick. Overall though, still pretty tasty. Considering this was the bonus snack it is always interesting to see which one you get.

tokyo treat february booklet bentobyte

Personally, I believe the well prepared packet/information guide was one of the winning factors with this box. It was mentioned in the video but it will be mentioned again. Having interesting cultural lessons, information on prizes subscribers could win, and the occasional lesson in Japanese was what (aside from the selection of candy itself) really set itself apart from others that we have received. The only downside to the packet itself was that on or two of the descriptions were a little vague (not all of them obviously). That being said, the rest of the descriptions were on point.

Although I may have only received average luck (I got the “average luck” Kichi chopsticks in our box) the subscription is certainly worth the price. With candy straight from Japan (seriously, I got a shipping notification from Japan Post) it is fun to get so many authentic items. So if you are feeling up to learning a thing or two along the way as well as devouring delicious snacks, then Tokyo Treat is the avenue for you.

Disclaimer: A box was provided by Tokyo Treat to BentoByte for the purpose of review.

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