You know you have hit an interesting point in your life when you are seated at a bar debating Star Wars lore between a cosplayer dressed a Zap Brannigan on one side and Harley Quinn on the other. But that is just how life is in Denver over the weekend at a con. Welcome to Starfest 2016, one of Denver’s oldest cons.

Due to renovations this year, the location for Starfest 2016 was a tad different this year. This year’s Star Trek (and really any space science fiction) con relocated to a hotel near Denver International Airport. According to onsite staff, the Crown Plaza (where this one is held) is the original location of Denver’s iconic con. Although this location is off the beaten path (and by beaten I mean not that close to downtown or access to public transit), things are always an entertaining adventure awaiting you around every corner.

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Much like attending Comic Con, attending Starfest is always a terribly good time. Everyone who is there in attendance is always willing to discuss any subject within the “Nerd” culture. For instance, I had quite an in depth conversation about the merits of the new Evil Dead movie and the Showtime series reboot Ash vs. the Evil Dead. So no matter what your fandom is, chances are likely that there is someone who would be interested in discussing it.

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The only critiques that attendees had about the new venue and the event itself were the following: The venue wasn’t up to the same standard as that of Starfest’s prior location. This is a fair assessment as this venue did not feel as though it had enough open space for all the attendees. The main hall and dealer’s room were connected so it was nice and open there, however, the winding hallway that fed around the venue was a bit confusing at first and fairly narrow given how many bodies were passing through this space. Another issue was the price of the overall ticket. 40 -50 dollars a day let alone 80 for a whole weekend. The only reason this was an issue for some attendees is because they had felt that this was the same cost when comparing it to bigger events such as Denver Comic Con. That being said, Starfest will be making its’ return to the DTC next year.

The last complaint I overheard individuals discussing were with regards to the constant wristband checks. Now, although this may make things fairly difficult here and there for cosplayers, as a former festival organizer, I cannot tell you how imperative this can be. It not only ensures that people have paid for the event you have put so much effort into it also is a way to ensure that the folks who are there are meant to be there. It may seem like a pain in the ass, but overall it is to keep things fair for all parties involved.

That being said, Starfest is a great place to meet like-minded individuals. From cosplayers, actors/actresses, to enough sci-fi themed merch to fill that hole (or shelf) in your life. So if that is your thing, and are looking for a large collection of  Starfest 2016 is certainly a place for you.

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