Boulder Colorado based gaming company, Serenity Forge, announced today that they are launching a new branch of their company. This new branch will be dedicated to publishing indie games. To commemorate the occasion, Serenity Forge has announced their latest title Four Sided Fantasy. Four Sided Fantasy is a game developed by Seattle based developer Ludo Land and will be available on PC as well as PS4 for $9.99. Check out the trailer for it below:

Serenity Forge describes the features of this new title as:

  • Unique, mind-bending ability revitalizes a long-neglected aspect of games
  • Beautiful, crisp art style inspired by the illustrations of Justin Mezzell
  • Mesmerizing music, composed by the one and only M.J. “Quiggles” Quigley
  • Haunting sound created by Ian Shores
  • Seamless movement from level to level, using filmic transitions

Not only does this mean that Serenity Forge will be pumping out more games in future, it also means that there is a new competitor in the market of indie publishers. That may not mean much for those of us outside of the business, but overall, we think it is a good move. More competition just means more awesome indie titles for all of us to enjoy. We are certainly looking forward to trying Four Sided Fantasy and you should too!

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