To put things lightly, this year’s E3 has not been a disappointment. (To be fair, that’s been true for the past few years.) As always, there was an absolute cavalcade of content shown at this year’s event. So much so that writing an article about all of it would get me on the path to writing a thesis. Instead, I’ll be hitting on the titles that were revealed at this year’s E3. This includes those that were rumored beforehand as I don’t consider rumors anything more than what they are.

We all probably had our favorites, so let’s keep it basic. I’ve organized the list alphabetically and without any sort of bias to one title over another. Without further ado, let’s check out the biggest reveals of this year’s E3!

Days Gone

Days Gone is a new title by Bend Studio. It’s an open world title that takes place in a world ravaged by a global pandemic. The title bears some similarities to Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us but differs in that it seems it will be much more of an open world.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s return to the world of game development after his strained departure from Konami. We know very little about the title, save that Norman Reedus is providing the likeness for the protagonist, a position he was originally set to fill for Silent Hills. Other than that, we just know that the game looks creepy.

Detroit: Become Human

Imagine crossing the world of Deus Ex with the gameplay of Heavy Rain or Until Dawn. Have you done it? What you’ve thought of is something akin to Detroit: Become Human. Quantic Dream has returned to deliver it’s narrative focused gameplay to a new and unique world. Honestly, I’ve never been more excited for one of their games.

God of War 4

Rumors had circulated about a new God of War title. Rumors stating it would be related to Norse mythology. Rumors stating we would see it at this year’s E3. Those rumors proved to be true. The newest iteration of God of War shows us an older Kratos leading his son into a new story for the Ghost of Sparta.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This one is a bit of a cheat. A new Zelda title was announced ages ago. We were told it would be the Wii U’s Zelda. We were teased images. But we never learned anything significant. Since Nintendo has decided to take a shit on the Wii U and pump out a new system, it seems they finally felt ready to show us the newest Zelda game and even bothered to give it a title. (I may be a bit bitter. I bought a Wii U and feel like I’ve been given the shaft.)


I don’t know how to explain Prey. It’s perhaps the most clouded of all the games of this list. Instead, I’ll rely on Bethesda’s description:

You are Morgan Yu, the subject of morally dubious experiments designed to improve the human race. You awaken aboard the Talos 1 in the year 2032 and must uncover the secrets hiding in the depths of the space station while being hunted by the mysterious alien force that has taken over. You’ll have to rely on the tools you find on the station – along with your wits, weapons and mind-bending abilities – to combat the growing threat and, hopefully, survive.

Resident Evil 7

Finally. A new Resident Evil title! However, Resident Evil 7 doesn’t seem to be following the rules or ideas of its predecessors. What we see is something far more akin to Silent Hills; a first person title entirely focused on the element of horror. Whether this is representative of the game itself or simply it’s demo/teaser (which is available for download on PS4) is yet to be seen. Whatever the case, it’s a fantastic trailer.

That’s my list for the biggest new reveals at this year’s E3. I would like to include The Last Guardian just because we FINALLY have a release date for the game. But that’s anything but a new title. If memory serves, it seemed like it was going to be released in the last generation of consoles.

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