“TEAM PYRO!” That’s what you will be hearing kids shouting into their microphones for days to come. Speaking of things to come, the new Team Fortress 2 update has come to Steam and brought with it a new interface for TF2 that might be overwhelming at first glance. So I’m here to make it easier on you!mymday2First I should mention is that the miracle workers over at valve created a whole new interface, and it will be the first thing you notice I’m sure.

Another change that has come with this update is the introduction to a new matchmaking system. I see it as a glass half full.  A leveling system has been introduced so your score, or rating as some call, it is no longer affected by your team.

By playing casual matches you earn experience based off of performance. The experience earned is virtually useless because all it does is change your current badge cosmetically, but it’s always nice to be flashy.

Valve also changed how casual matches are found. Instead of getting thrown into a random match, players are being matched with others at the start of the match and starting the game together. This is another glass half full situation. It’s good to start with balance but it’s also taken auto team balance out of the equation. This is bad news for a team that loses members mid match and raises concerns about leavers seriously crippling their teams.

Valve has also added a new 6v6 competitive matchmaking mode to the game. Party up with your friends and climb the ranks for exclusive badges and titles to glam up you profile. Try your best and you might win some medals!

The last game mode addition is PASS Time, the newest game mode to TF2. The mode was announced last year and has been in beta since. It’s resembles Soccer (or Football to everyone outside the States) or I’d even say it’s similar to Up Link from Call of Duty. From what my experience most people play as Scout but you can still run any class. I like to use engineer just so I can put a level 3 turret at my goal to really mess with the enemy team.

We are coming into the final stretch of one of the biggest updates we’ve ever seen content wise. Three new Community Maps have been added to the shuffle! I’ll cover each one briefly:

It sounds cheerful but that tone quickly changes when you find yourself dealing with a barrage of sniper fire. This map has a lot of solid hiding spots for Snipers, so be sure to expect a few. Pyros are definitely going to be big here too. The big open area in the middle of the map is a death trap for Scouts and Spys alike if there’s even one Pyro on the other team.
Sunshine_mid TF2

Metal Works
This has industrial slapped across it. With turrets everywhere, you’re going to find your face getting peppered with bullets. Closed corners and small areas everywhere make this map an Engineer’s paradise. Naturally, my recommendation is to go Spy. With all the tight turns, this map will provide even the most unskilled Spy a chance to shine due to the many windows of opportunity this map provides.

Swift Water
A long walk for a small drink of water? BOOM! Headshot. Another Sniper heavy map akin to Sunshine. However, unlike Sunshine, this is a Payload mode map. All I can say is keep your head down, duck, then duck again.

Overall, I like a lot we’re getting with this update though voting being gone kind of blows. Still, we’re getting a great addition to TF2 and I can’t wait to spend more time on it. Be sure to follow BentoByte on Twitter @BentoByteMedia for more BentoByte updates on Team Fortress 2 and beyond.

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