Well Anna isn’t actually new in terms of the Overwatch lore, however, she is the newest sniper that was announced today. Not only is she expanding the very large database of current heroes, she is also Pharah’s mother. We would love to see an Overwatch short with the two of them together (hint hint Blizzard).

One thing is certain, a sniper healer with a plethora of passive skills that will be sure to mix things up following her release. Her sniper (dubbed the biotic rifle) heals, she has a sleep dart, a biotic grenade (this does damage to enimes but also heals allies), and finally a Nano Boost which is just a general buff that ups movement, damage dealt, and damage resistance.

ana overwatch hero bentobyte

As the lore of Overwatch is intriguing within itself, we highly recommend checking out her origin story below:

What we don’t know at this juncture is when to expect Ana to be available. Blizzard has only mentioned “coming soon.” Hopefully that actually does mean soon and just being utilized to generate hype and more interest in Overwatch (not that it needs help).  At any rate, we are excited to welcome the first new Overwatch hero to the fray.

Source: Blizzard

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