Ninja Slayer continued its story of chaos within the city of Neo Saitama and its most ferocious denizens. (Ninjas.) After Part 4 of the manga, Ninja Slayer is assumed dead and the focus shifts towards a new cast of characters. The “protagonists” of the volume would be a Yakuza boss named Yamahiro, a petty thief named Taro Mazuda, and a masked vigilante known as Yakuza Tengu.

The story opens with Yamahiro meeting with a ninja named Burglar whom he’s looking to do business with. Burglar requests half the proceeds of the venture, Yamahiro objects, watches his gang be wiped out, and then proceeds to get his ass kicked by Burglar. It’s a way for a ninja to make money and force Yakuza to purchase clone Yakuza which ninja receive commission for. It makes me think of a twisted pyramid scheme. As Yamahiro questions his faith, the vigilante Yakuza Tengu appears and wipes Burglar across the floor.

The next chapter begins by following the Mazuda brothers. After robbing a bank posing as ninjas, the brothers find themselves chased by Neo Saitama police. Faced with the decision to jump a building to escape or be caught by the law, Taro hesitates and proceeds to get his ass kicked by the cops. Mid-asskicking, Taro’s brothers return with ninja-souls and proceed to murder all of the police.

While maintaining their personas briefly, Taro’s brothers quickly become different people due to their ninja souls. Once they’ve come to be complete assholes, they raid a hacker dojo employing Yamahiro. After killing half the dojo and kicking the crap out of Yamahiro and Taro, Yakuza Tengu shows up and blows Elephant-san (Jiro Mazuda) to pieces. Gas Burner-san (Saburo Mazuda) then shows up to mangle Yakuza Tengu in surprise. With all of our protagonists beaten down, Ninja Slayer arrives and slaughters Gas Burner-san. Yakuza Tengu proceeds to escape while Yamahiro and Taro reunite in jail after being caught.

Simply put, Ninja Slayer Part 4 didn’t let off the gas. The insane violence and action Ninja Slayer has offered up to this point is still there. The action even feels a bit different in this volume. Yakuza Tengu fights nothing like Ninja Slayer. So if you’re a fan of the series for this reason, you will not be disappointed.

Honestly, I didn’t care as much for the story in this volume. It’s nice to have side stories but all of the characters in this part of the series felt so inconsequential. I don’t really give a shit if Yamahiro or Taro show up again. Yakuza Tengu was entertaining with his jetpack and twin pistols but he’s got nothing on Ninja Slayer. It felt like it should have been a side chapter or two; an entire volume was a little much.

With his haitus over, I’m excited to see where the return of Ninja Slayer takes the series. Ninja Slayer Part 4 was definitely an offshoot series that didn’t feel as important as others but it was still an entertaining read. If you’re a moderate fan or strapped for cash, you could probably live skipping this volume. But if you’ve really enjoyed Ninja Slayer so far, I’d recommend picking this one up.

ninja slayer part 4

Original Work: Bradley Bond, Philip [email protected] Morzez

Art: Yuki Yogo

Script: Yoshiaki Tabata

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Original Production:Keiran O’Leary

Translation: Christian Storms, HCL

Release Date: April 19, 2016

MSRP: $12.95

Disclaimer: A copy of Ninja Slayer Part 4 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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