Have you ever thought to yourself “god I really want to have a fly case for my iPhone, and still want to support my anime side, but subtlety”? Well then, FEAR NOT RANDOM CITIZEN. Our developers and designers over at BentoByte headquarters have been tirelessly looking for ways to ensure that this can be a reality. Our solution? The BentoByte themed iPhone case!

bentobyte phone-case_iphone 6-6s_back_mockup

Made from the finest potential child labor our penniless existence could afford and crafted using tears of the rain forest. Concerned about the environment and the plastic? Well don’t worry kids. Made from the recycled plastic and dreams of old Kidz Bop cases, these cases will surely take a beating and well as looking fresh. Shipped in our eco-friendly and patented kitten fur lined containers, you’ll know your product will arrive safe and sound.

To get yours today, head over to our store here!

And if you (or us for that matter) haven’t offended enough people for one day, then be sure to check out some of other products below (which are also sold at our store).

next_20level__vintage_20black_mockup_original bentobyte

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is a co-founder of BentoByte. He is an audiophile with a predilection for every type of media. He enjoys playing music, going to shows, being active, good beer, going on adventures, and of course gaming and anime.

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