Today Kadokawa released the first trailer for the upcoming KanColle film(also known as the Kantai Collection) called KanColle: The Movie. The preview features some of the more dramatic battles with the Abyssal Fleet. Check out the preview trailer below: 

The movie, which is expected to hit theaters in November of 2016 will have the same cast as the animated series. According to the description from the video, the staff for KanColle: The Movie are:

  • Executive producer- Shinichiro Inoue
  • Planning & concept- Kensuke Tanaka
  • Director- Keizō Kusakawa
  • Screenplay- Jukki Hanada, Kensuke Tanaka
  • Character design- Naomi Ide, Mayuko Matsumoto
  • Mechanical design- Tsutomu Miyazawa, Kouta Moroishi
  • Music production- Flying Dog
  • Theme song- “Kikan” (“Return”) by Shiena Nishizawa
  • Producer- Satoshi Motonaga
  • Animation producer- Shōta Amano
  • Animation production – Diomedéa
  • Production – KanColle- The MovieCombined Fleet Headquarters
  • Distributing Company – Kadokawa

KanColle the Movie anime bentobyte

KanColle originally appeared as an anime in 2015. With a plot similar to that of Arpeggio of Blue Steel, humanity not longer can access the oceans due to the threat of the Abyssal Fleet. Humanity plans to take their oceans back through Kanmusu (a group of Japanese girls who embody old and famous Japanese warships).  The are able to “skate” across water and engage the enemy utilizing the characteristics of these old naval ships. The story begins with a new Kanmusu called Fubuki who just joins the group of girls.

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