Episode 8: Battle of Seasonality

This week, Food Wars! The Second Plate took a bit of a much needed break away from the constant competition. Instead we got to spend time learning more about the ingredients that will be going into the final competitive dish and more of the ways that the characters competitively distinguish themselves from each other. With a bit more education, a touch of more pre-event dread, and gobs upon gobs of humor this episode was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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The trip to the fish market was a educational and fun moment of fish and stare downs.

I wasn’t kidding, they spend a lot of time staring each other down.

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What started with Soma being highly confident about his abilities to utilize pacific Saury quickly turned to panic. Normally, Soma’s hidden talents come in for the win in most situations but I think witnessing Ryo and Akira’s abilities is picking fish was a really humbling moment for him. This is a really good thing though. Because if you all like Soma like I do, you prefer to watch him try to innovate in moments where the odds are always stacked against him.

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This, however, didn’t stop the immense feeling of panic from taking hold. Admittedly this period of sulking was a bit longer than I would have anticipated but that just means that the stakes for Soma have never been higher. Up until this moment, he has always been incredibly confident in everything he has done. So to see this shaken is a new side of Soma we haven’t witnessed yet.

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Thankfully, this moment was short lived. With the cogs constantly whirring in his head, Soma naturally has stepped up to the plate to find a way to defeat Akira and Ryo’s fish picking abilities.

I am glad to see that Soma is utilizing the abilities of all the other members of his Dorm. It has been a while since we have seen their involvement outside of cheering from the stands. Any opportunity to see Nikumi’s completely blatant tsundere personality fills me with immense joy and laughter. Thankfully, we had a bit more of much needed time with the side characters.

Nothing quite beats the chibi moments in Food Wars!. These brief moments of humor and inherent silliness make the show what it is, a beautiful comic masterpiece.

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Besides Food Wars! typical hysterics, the funniest moment had to be when Soma revealed his fish to the competition. The collective shock and worry on his friend’s faces makes this show worth watching over and over again. They all may be worried, but I can tell from that smirk on his face, that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve.

The big question for this coming episode is, will his smoked and aged fish be enough to combat the other two? Well even if they are or are not, it will be a hell of a good time watching everything go down.

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Battle of Seasonality The battle of seasonality brought everything we hoped for to the table. It had decent plot progression, more food education, more time with the side characters, and some adversity for Soma to face. It is the perfect build up to the fight that will ensue in the next episode.
plot progression85
use of side characters90
actual challenges85
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