So before we proceed with this review, it’s probably worth noting that what we see in Twin Star Exorcists Volume 3 has been covered (for the most part) in the Twin Star Exorcists anime series. So if you’re the type that reads manga solely to catch up to a series, this may not be for you. Yet. But if you like the written format,catching the details that anime series inevitably glossed over, or are basically anyone else, PROCEED!

Twin Star Exorcists Volume 3 picks up right where the last volume left off; Seigen revealed to Benio that Rokuro killed everyone at the Hinatsuki Dormitory and is apparently responsible for the Hinatsuki tragedy. Except he’s definitely not and we all know that there’s no way that a protagonist in a series like this would do something that horrendous. But we’ll get there.

Mayura getting possessed was a dramatic event that the series needed. Kagare possession is some nasty stuff and it was even more nasty to see Mayuri undergo the process of possession. Especially when her father had to see his daughter in such a vile state. But the power of the Twin Star Exorcists allowed our heroes to purify their corrupted friend without much of a penalty.

Yuto revealing himself to still be alive is probably the biggest shock the series has had to offer to date. Though to be fair it was something that wasn’t entirely unexpected, we’ve had plenty of hints. What I was surprised by was just how damn evil Yuto is. That kid is a both a literal and figurative monster. Turning all of his friends into kegare as a child makes me want to equate him to Damien from The Omen. He’s Satan spawn.

The fight between Seigen and Yuto was a highlight of the volume without a doubt. Seigen taking on his Byakko White Tiger form was amazing and showed us that the Twelve Heavenly Commanders’ titles were something that could be taken literally. I do wish the fight had gone on a bit longer but I’ll take what I can get.

Twin Star Exorcists Volume 3 was a big step forward for the series. It had the most significant plot developments since Rokuro and Benio’s engagement was announced. It also had the most intense fights we’ve seen in the series to date. If you’ve enjoyed the series so far I recommend you continue on, this volume is worth it.

Twin Star Exorcists Volume 3

Story & Art: Yoshiaki Sukeno

Translation: Tetsuichiro Miyaki

English Adaptation: Bryant Turnage

Touch-Up Art & Lettering: Stephen Dutro

Design: Shawn Carrico

Editior: Annette Roman

Publisher: Viz Media

MSRP:  $9.99

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