The thing about Nichijou: My Ordinary Life is it is absolutely absurd. By that, we mean that the humor, the plot, and every single dimwitted motion made by the two protagonists is some of the best absurd humor across the manga world.  Nichijou is purely unique in all the best ways. It’s not every day where a doctor, a robot, and cat play hide and go seek. Which is part of the reason why everything about this manga will put a stitch in your side.

Be warned though, there will certainly be a couple of sections where you will have no clue what is going on or how they arrived there. However, if you have read a prior volume then this is pretty much standard operating procedure for the Nichijou story line. Most, if not all of this manga volume was either incredibly funny or so out there that it perfectly captures how absurd and random the writer’s train of thought is.

A few favorite moments had to be learning how to do the high jump (shortly nicknamed the Torpedo Jump), the court jesters trying to amuse the princess overlord, and of course more failed attempts at love between the teachers. What really makes Nichijou shine is the quantity of overreacting characters. Obviously normal people don’t act this way, which is why it is incredibly amusing to see the respective characters push the envelope. Every moment increases the level of absurdity and with it comes better and better quality jokes.

Nothing had me lose it quite like the dream sequence where a bunch of numbered court jesters tried to make the princess overlord laugh. As one by one was dropped through a trap door out of the blimp they were all in, their antics to spark a reaction out of their overlord only got better and better. The best definitely had to be the one who gave a quiz, proceeded to lie to please his master, and as was falling to his doom thought “my only regret in life, is everything.” So if that sort of humor is your thing, then don’t hesitate to pick this up.

I haven’t quite figured out if the main characters (the two girls, the doctor is another story) are intelligent in their own way and are just too oblivious to pick up on social queues, or if it is plain old stupidity. At any rate, the antics that the two of them get in to will have you barreling over in laughter.

On the whole, if you happen to be a comedy manga collector, then Nichijou volume 4 needs to make its way onto your shelf. It is a quick read but most certainly worth the time and investment.

nichijou my ordinary life volume 4Author/Illustrator: Keiichi Arawi

Publisher: Vertical Comics

Translation: Jenny McKeon

Production: Grace Lu, Hiroko Mizuno, and Anthony Quintessenza

Release Date: September 6, 2016

MSRP: $10.95 USD / $11.95 CND

Disclaimer: A copy of Nichijou: My Ordinary Life Volume 4 was provided to BentoByte by the publisher for the purpose of review.

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