We’re back! This time around we have a bit shorter of an album. As with most of our albums, if you are one of the cosplayers and would like a high res copy of any of the images (sorry the ones on our site have a 8 MB limit) then reach out to us across social media or through our contact us page.

And as always, great work everyone! We had a wonderful time meeting everyone in the cosplay community at COAF 2017. Cosplay is a fun and exciting community that we are always so happy to be a part of. So without further ado, here is another album:

COAF-2017-BentoByte (1 of 1)

COAF-2017-BentoByte (11 of 32)










COAF-2017-BentoByte (24 of 32)

Colorado Anime Fest-7303

COAF-2017-BentoByte (21 of 32)

COAF-2017-BentoByte (16 of 32)

COAF-2017-BentoByte (14 of 32)

COAF-2017-BentoByte (13 of 32)

Colorado Anime Fest-9805

Colorado Anime Fest BentoByte-9808

Colorado Anime Fest-BentoByte-9910

Colorado Anime Fest-BentoByte-9907

Colorado Anime Fest-BentoByte-9863

Colorado Anime Fest-bentobyte-9846

Colorado Anime Fest-bentobyte-9841

Stay awesome everyone, and be sure to be on the lookout for another album or two from our newest addition to the BentoByte team, Jesse Pulido.

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