Now we can’t tell whether or not there is one really bored dude, a huge fan, or both. Either way, the sandwich fast food joint Arby’s has been killing it at their marketing recently. You may remember Arby’s notoriety pop up via the Nihilist Arby’s¬†twitter a while back. Well now it appears we have a huge anime fan is a part of their creative team. It appears that Arby’s is back on the notoriety train.

Over the past year they have launched several marketing images on their Facebook page that can be seen below (most recent of which has involved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure):



Not anime themed per-se but we love Dark Souls, Sun Bro for life.






They don’t even care about RWBY savagery during Valentine’s day.

And to finish it off, with my personal favorite:


Now this doesn’t motivate me to dive into a beef sandwich anytime soon, but at least for now we can appreciate how well Arby’s marketing person is doing their job. They have plenty more, which can be checked out at their Facebook page.

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