Occasionally we receive requests from various kickstarters to feature products. To be honest, most of the time we ignore them. However, on the very few occasions one does pique our interest we feel the need to mention something about it. A while back we introduced Fanny Chu, a foodie based in California who is currently on a quest to find the best food within Asian culture and to educate everyone in a fun and visual manner. She has compiled and designed several posters (which have all been successful on Kickstarter) that highlight these various foods and classifications. Of the ones we have seen, she has done one on where she thinks the best ramen in Japan is, and another on the different classifications of ramen itself. Which brings us to her current project, the Tamago poster.

tamago bentobyte food

The tamago poster is another one of her projects that shows (in a creative way) how the Japanese utilize something as simple as the egg. You can check out what her poster looks like below:

tamago poster bentobyte food

Each of her projects have her design of the dish itself, the Kanji, and the Hiragana or Katakana. That way you can learn how to enunciate each word in Japanese.

So if this is something that you would like hung up in your apartment/house you can check out Fanny’s kickstarter page right here.

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