Fortnite is both a co-op survival video game and a massive battle royal PVP game.  Developed by Epic Games and spanning multiple gaming consoles, the game promises to be, well, epic. It’s important to note that the PVP mode will be the focus of this review.

Fortnite combines 3rd person action with numerous gameplay aspects, resembling the hit game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds in a way.  Starting with one hundred players on a flying bus is one such way.  The battleground is so large that even after many games, I have not fully explored it. More importantly, players have plenty of weapons to find in their quest to being the last one standing.

Once over the island, players get to skydive to the surface.  A player can play many mind games as they search for the best spot to land. Many people tend to try and find an isolated spot away from every other player.  Following one of these players and beating them to the closest weapon is a way to eliminate some competition from the get go.  Just beware of another opponent doing the same to you.


Assuming you are one of the lucky people who finds a weapon once you hit the ground, you should make it to the second phase of the battle.  Because of the nature of a battle royale game, many of the players will not survive past the opening minutes.  Armed with only a pickax at the start, fighting an opponent with a gun is suicide.  Well, usually that’s the case.  The person who killed each player tells everyone else via chat how they did their foe in.  Sometimes amusing situations can arise when a trap kills a player.

Speaking of traps, there is far more to this game than landing on an island and finding the first weapon in sight.  Building using materials is a major mechanic in Fortnite.  Since just about everything in the environment is destructible terrain this very easy to accomplish.  What is not so simple is avoiding the notice of other players while doing so.  Noise draws attention and with every footstep being an indicator of a nearby foe, breaking a tree with an ax is a bright beacon that attracts trouble.  Intentionally drawing enemy attention is a possible tactic.  While this is possible in many shooter games, Fortnite is such a game where this tactic is oh so satisfying when it works.

Once you have building materials, you can build things (quite a concept).  Notable examples include staircases, walls, and even flooring.  Some crafty players have mastered the art of creating entire fortresses from where they can camp out and take on other players at their leisure.  I have not mastered this specific skill yet but from watching opponents who have, in my time playing the game, learned how to properly make use of materials, it is quite entertaining to see.

The Storm

However, there is one problem with picking a place to camp and waiting it out.  There is a storm that begins to brew overhead and after a few minutes in game it completely forms.  The storm is death and constantly shrinks. As more players fall, the storm eye shrinks.  A player must pick their battles with care.  One misstep and a victory over another player can turn to defeat at the hands of an additional foe.

There are plenty of methods to choose from when selecting the best method of removing your foes in Fortnite.  Shotguns are the most common weapon. Close quarter area demand this weapons use.  If taking out foes from afar is more your style, look no farther than a sniper rifle.  Want to be able to deal with all sorts of distances?  A pistol or assault rifle will suit your needs.  More than likely though, a battle will break out and you will have to improvise with whatever you have.  Grenades and traps round out the many weapons at your disposal.  But beware the dreaded inventory space.  Health items and weapons both take up space.  Choose what you use carefully.

There is still much more for me to explore in this game and I am barely scratching the surface at the number of things that happen in a single game, much less an entire day of fun.  Recently, a new level up system was added to the game to give it some additional depth.  The same update added quests, with easy to understand objectives.

I expect to see more fun and action as Fortnite adds even more content.

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Fortnite Fortnite is a fun experience from beginning to end with each and every battle being like playing a new game. The graphics and attention to minor details make the immersion experience fantastic. The vast scope of the world aids in game play. The only flaw I can think of is the difficulty in understanding how to make use of the build feature. This minor problem does not interfere enough to lower the score below a 90 out of 100 though.

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