Lizard Men, Drug Dealers, and Assassins! Oh My!

Overlord Season 2 completed its run a couple of days ago and the hype that carried the first season soared. Before I continue with this review, I want to get one thing out of the way:  Lizard Sex.   Now that we have dealt with this issue, lets talk about Overlord Season 2.  One last thing.  While this review will be as spoiler free as possible, one should still read this at their own risk.

Season 2 of Overlord continues right where the first one left of.  Momonga, the powerful Lich leader of the Great Tomb of Nazarick, continues his crusade to take over a new and strange world. Season 1 focused on Momonga renaming himself Ainz Ooal Gown in honor of his former guild and then setting off to figure out what sort of world he has been trapped in.

The Lizardmen

With a series of plans now being set in motion, Nazarick finds its next target: The Lizardmen.  This part of the season spanned the first few episodes and focuses less on the lovable cast of villains Overlord is known for, and instead spends some time world building. While there are some who feel like this part of the story drags, it leads to an incredibly satisfying conclusion. The story manages to remind viewers why Ainz is the titular Overlord.

A City of Intrigue

The next part of the show, which I consider much stronger, deals with intrigue in a major city.  Featuring Sebas, the Battle Butler of Nazrick and his squad of Maids, this section focuses on how different he is than many of the other former NPCs from the Tomb.  As opposed to his bloodthirsty allies, Sebas shows more compassion for humans.

But while Sebas does not prefer unneeded violence, he is within a kingdom filled with corruption.  A human trafficking ring is just one of many challenges within the city;  he also has to keep his Battle Maids in line.  This is especially difficult with Solution, a bloodthirsty Slime who normally takes the form of a beautiful woman. Unlike her butler superior, she sees humans as nothing more than food and her sadistic streak is comparable to many of the floor guardians such as Shalltear and Albedo.

New characters Climb and his Princess benefactor Renner add some new angles to this show and make the plot even more interesting. Other newcomers include the Blue Rose Assassin Guild, with notable member Evil Eye. Evil Eye is a powerful sorceress with some interesting implications for the story. Old favorites such as Brain return and go through some needed character development. Throughout the season, one of my favorite Floor Guardians, Demiurge takes a very active role in the story.  This is never a bad thing.


Overlord left me amazed from beginning to end.  I love the concept of taking an overpowered Protagonist from an MMORPG and sticking him or her in a world where nothing can stand up to them.  As a person who has spent far more of my life playing World of Warcraft than I should ever admit, this series appeals to me heavily. I could have inserted one of my own characters into Ainz’s place.  The comparison is true when one considers how many monsters a player slaughters in a video game.  Overlord’s second season is watching this mook horror show from the NPC’s point of view.

The only criticism I have is with the awkward pacing of the Lizard Men Arc.  But even then, it is such a small part of the season that this little aspect is easily forgiven.  It seemed that the writers were not sure whether to draw out this part of the arc or rush through it.  The two ideas trap this arc between them.  The rest of the season, including the Lizard Men arc’s conclusion, more than make up for it.

Overall, fans of the first season will love this well done adaptation of the incredibly popular Light Novel series Overlord. New challenges through the 13 episodes will leave viewers amazed and wondering each time the credits roll what will happen in the next episode.

Season 3 on the Way

The best news about Overlord is that fans of the first two seasons will not have to wait long for the next part.  Set your calendars for July.  Unlike the gap between the first and second seasons of Overlord, there will be minimal wait time for season 3.  There is no better time than now to get into this anime.  It’s one of the best of its genre if not outright one of the best recent additions.


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Appeals To The Overlord In Us All Overlord Season 2 took everything that made Season 1 so great and managed to create an even better story. While the Lizard Men Arc both felt rushed and dragging at the same time, most of the season breathed fresh life into a story where the main character is ironically a Lich. Watching a story from an antagonist's point of view allows for new levels of complexity that are rare in Anime. Overlord exceeds expectations and constantly creates new ones. I can't wait for the next season and I will not need to be too patient as the 3rd installment is scheduled for this July.
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