In what has felt like eons since last writing an anime recommendation I felt as if the spring 2018 anime season deserved a few shout outs. After consuming too much anime anime in one go, I finally took a break. Only to jump in occasionally to watch continuations of shows I already loved. The spring 2018 anime season, however, has managed to draw me back in at full speed. This list will have a some series that are on multiple seasons (it would be silly to ignore them) but I hope you will watch some of the others that are not.


hinamatsuri bentobyte spring 2018 anime season


What is it streaming on: Crunchyroll

Genre: Comedy

What we like: This peculiar tale revolves around Nitta Yoshifumi (a yakuza) who has his life thrown upside down when he sudden has to care for a telepathic girl (Hina) who plops into his living room. The show is just as ridiculous as the plot sounds. Equipped some of the best facial expressions, silly situations, and socially unaware characters the jokes are excellent. This show may very well be the best comedy currently airing this season. And much like any other show like this, it has it’s moments where it will grab your heartstrings.

Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul season 3 bentobyte spring 2018 anime

What is it streaming on: Funimation

Genre: Horror Action

What we like: Nothing made me re-subscribe to Funimation again harder than having exclusive rights to an old favorite. Unlike last season *cough cough*, this season seems to be moving at a more appropriate pace. The animation is solid, the character designs and style are clutch, and the opening and closing track are catchy and don’t suck (looking at you Tokyo Ghoul Root A). Plus if you already enjoy the Tokyo Ghoul series, it’s nice to have our old friend.

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku

Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku bentobyte spring 2018 anime

What is it streaming on? Amazon Prime

Genre: Slice of Life

What we like about it:  Since the show is about people in the 20’s in office jobs trying to figure out their way in life, this show is painfully relatable. The show is about how most of the characters in this show are closeted otaku and attempt to keep their obsessions a secret. Everything begins when the two main characters star dating. This normally wouldn’t be an issue but as everyone  Every time there are anime shows about something other than high school it usually means that it will break the mold a little.

Darling in the Franxx

darling in the franxx bentobyte

What is it streaming on? Amazon Prime

Genre: Sci-fi, Action, and Mecha

Why we like it: First and foremost, it is studio trigger. Much like our next suggested show, we are aware that the season is almost over for this series. That being said, it has been enjoyable and we think it is worth checking out. This show is mecha with kids fighting in robots in a dystopian setting. Add in your typical teen romance drama, raging hormones, and stellar animation and you have Darling in the Franxx.

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

food wars shokugeki no soma bentobyte

What is it streaming on? Crunchyroll

Genre: Cooking Shonen

Why we like it: How could you not enjoy a show with every single trope, some competition, and blatant food porn (and maybe an orgasm here and there)? Well look no further for a solid shonen that will find a way in and become one of your favorite shows. It’s chocked full of interesting food facts, jokes, and plot movement to keep any fan enticed to keep up with every episode.

There are plenty of other good shows out there outside of these, but for us, we think these are the most enticing ones. But if you have a few more favorite from the spring 2018 anime season, leave us a comment and tell us what and why (we know at least half of you will mention My Hero Academia, and that’s okay just isn’t a show that this writer watches).

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