Day Three – May 26, 2018

If you’re reading this, make sure to also check out my first article covering days one and two of Megacon 2018. Now let’s continue!

Expectedly, Saturday was the most exciting day of Megacon 2018. The floors were flooded with people. I attempted to enter the Jeff Goldblum Q&A but wasn’t allowed in as the event was at maximum capacity. For clarity, that the theater it was featured in can hold 2,500 people. Later that day on my way to another panel, I learned that I can simply use my press pass to get ahead of the line though that didn’t work for all panel lines.

Instead of Goldblum, I ventured to the dealer’s room and artist’s alley. After the fact, I’d say doing that became more worth it than seeing him as I got some great pick-ups.

The next panel I attended was that of John Cena from WWE. He was hilarious and, of course, really knows how to work the crowd. I asked him a question about him rapping for the audience and he stated that he’s not really into that anymore but K-Pop instead. That is just more reason to love him.

As the panel proceeded, the moderator kept stating “last two questions” but Cena wanted to keep going. As a result, a kid approached the microphone and commented that he had two questions: one for Cena and one for the moderator. He asked the moderator, “Who are you?” and the audience went hysterical. Cena continued to play with the joke as when the moderator spoke he replied, “Who are you?”

John Cena seems like a wonderful human being. He stated that he wears the statements “Loyalty” “Respect” and “Never Give Up” because he truly believes in those values. Funnily enough, he came up with his signature move, “You Can’t See Me” on accident. He tried to mimic his brother’s hand motions in front of his face during a wrestling match and thought it was stupid to not give a name to it so he thought up that. Since then, he’s thought of himself as a superhero and invisibility is his superpower.

Next, I went to see Charlie Cox at his panel. He’s the lead on the Netflix series Daredevil. I specifically watched through the show ahead of time to get ready for this. The most intriguing part of Cox’s role on the show is that his character is blind. With that, he stated the most difficult part of playing Daredevil is when he has to change his shirt in a scene.

Daredevil is a superhero so the show is littered with action sequences. At first, Cox wasn’t performing in most of them but as time went on, he’s performed in more while rarely switching with a stunt double. In season two, a new vital character is introduced called The Punisher, played by Jon Bernthal. His introduction was a tease for his own show spawning his storyline. Cox made a comment that Bernthal is his favorite actor to work with on the show.

The last event I attended that day was the Jennifer Morrison panel. There are three major shows she is known for: Once Upon A Time, House and How I Met Your Mother. For the majority of the panel, she discussed OUAT and her role as Emma Swan. Her favorite season on the show is season three featuring Neverland.

Morrison doesn’t like to play favorites when it comes to choosing people so when asked who her favorite character was or what other character she’d want to play, she tried to always switch up her answers to be fair to the others on the show. This is an admirable trait about her.

The panels took up most of my time on Saturday and I didn’t have time to do much else. All these were insightful enough for me to get more of an understanding of the acting and production process which is essentially my goal.

Day Four – May 27, 2018

Sunday was the shortest and last day of Megacon 2018. My goal for Sunday was to acquire an autograph and take a picture with Amy Acker. I accomplished that at the end of the day but first, let’s get to all the panels.

Elijah Wood from the Lord of the Rings movie series was the focus of the first major panel of the day. He was very friendly with fans, even commenting on their cosplays. Fans were primarily curious about the other movies he’s starred in. In the future, he’d love to take on the role of director for one of his own movies.

The following two panels are Disney-themed. Jodi Benson, popular for her voice acting of Ariel in the Little Mermaid movie and television show. She performed her song, “Part of Your World”, from the movie. It was one of the most magical moments I’ve ever experienced. You can check out the video of her singing here.

Disney’s Hercules is something else I watched for the first time to prepare for this event. The voice actress of Megara, Susan Egan had her own Q&A. Egan has some other work with Disney on her resume as she also played Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Unfortunately, she was considered to play Belle for the movie too but she turned it down. Egan stated she would have taken the role now. Ironically, she’s never even heard her own songs on the soundtrack.

I’ve been waiting years to see The Walking Dead stars in person so I had to attend the panel featuring Michael Cudlitz, who portrayed Abraham on the show. Spoilers ahead for this section – Cudlitz has amusing interactions with anybody cosplaying as Negan with the bat wrapped in barbed wire. He’s looking forward to working on the other projects he’s now involved in and I can’t wait for more.

The last panel I went to featured Mark Meer (Commander Shepard) and Fred Tatasciore (Saren Arterius). I enjoyed it as the two voice actors showcased their catalog of voices. My partner, Ross Ellison goes into more detail about this panel and his personal interactions with them. If you’re interested in those details, check out his articles on Megacon 2018.

Before I finished off my experience at this year’s Megacon, I still had to obtain that autograph from Amy Acker. I know her as her character Root from Person of Interest where she fell in love with an AI and then with another character, Sameen Shaw. Both relationships were two of the most groundbreaking storylines I’ve seen.

I spoke to Acker about one of her co-stars from the show, Michael Emerson and how I have to meet him too. They apparently had lunch in New York the week prior. She also mentioned that she learned Italian and went to Italy for a role. This was the best moment of Megacon 2018 for me and I hope I experience even better next year.

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