E3 2018 has ended and it was a blast. Each conference was satisfying, for the most part. Let’s take this time to look over the highlights and biggest titles of the event.

Nintendo is the most highly anticipated conference every year, for me. This year, it was no secret that they were showcasing a new Pokémon and a new Smash. They did not disappoint.



  1. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    • All characters are available
    • New items, assist trophies and stages
    • Inkling and Ridley are playable for the first time ever
  2. Let’s Go Eevee! and Let’s Go Pikachu!
    • Back in the Kanto Region but it’s been revamped
    • The new Pokéball Plus as a controller with Mew inside
    • Transfer over your Pokémon from Pokémon Go to this game
  3. Super Mario Party
    • Place Switch screens next to each other so they can interact during gameplay
    • Mario Party is finally playable online with friends including leaderboards

Along with those three titles coming on the Nintendo Switch, we are getting some other exciting exclusives for the console soon including Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion and Mega Man 11.

The game presentations wasn’t all Nintendo had to offer. As they do every year now, Nintendo held two invitationals. First, they held the one for Splatoon 2 and then for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In Splatoon 2, the GG BoyZ representing Japan, won the championship. As for Smash, the legendary Gonzalo Barrios, more widely known as ZeRo, won the championship as Mario against MkLeo’s Sonic. It’s also notable that during the tournament, there was a mishap where Lucky mistook a team match as a free-for-all and kept attacking his partner, Mr. R.

Many were disappointed with Sony’s press conference but I feel differently. Their conference was astonishing regardless of them presenting games that we knew about already. Find some examples below.



  1. Death Stranding
    • The long-awaited Kojima title that he’s wanted to make his whole life should be reason enough
    • The game has many elements such as carrying some contraption from mountain to mountain
    • Ghosts or other worldly beings – either way, finding out what this game is about will be a ride
  2. The Last of Us Part II
    • Play as Ellie for the first time – also gay pride
    • Like Death Stranding, this game is composed of many elements such as stealth, fighting, shooting and adventure
    • How will Ellie fare in this world on her own and what happens to her significant other?
  3. Resident Evil 2
    • Includes deleted scenes and brings back main characters
    • Enhanced everything
    • Leon

Like Nintendo, Sony had a lot to offer in content this year. Honorable mentions are Ghost of Tsushima and Control.

There are two companies who come to E3 just to disappoint fans and press, every year. I’ll cover the first one now. Microsoft has had a tough few years at E3. Every time, they present an “exclusive” which isn’t really an exclusive and then they bomb. Well, they performed a little better this year.



  1. Devil May Cry 5
    • New robot arm as weapon
    • Three playable characters
  2. Battletoads
    • Classic game for the NES being revived almost three decades later
    • 3-player co-op capability
    • Hand-drawn graphics
  3. Jump Force
    • Anime cross-over game between characters from the Shonen Jump series
    • Finally, those theories of who would win over who could be put to rest
    • Worth it for the characters that have never been in a video game like Ryuk and Light Yagami from Death Note

There are several other titles I am excited for but there’s not a lot of information on so here we go: Halo Infinite, Cyberpunk 2077 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Now, let’s get to the less prominent companies starting with the other one that tends to disappoint – Ubisoft. They put on a good conference this year and I can’t wait to see more of these titles in the future.



  1. Starlink: Battle for Atlas
    • Surprisingly, this game features Nintendo’s own Fox McCloud from the Starfox series
    • Customize your ship with a real figure of it, on your Switch controller
    • Fly onto planets and fight enemies while in the ship
  2. Transference
    • An intentionally glitchy horror game
    • Your mind is corrupted by technology
  3. Skull & Bones
    • You are a pirate maintaining your own pirate ship among the open seas
    • Design the various parts on your ship
    • Attack other ships for loot

Choosing the top games for Ubisoft was tough for me but here are the honorable mentions: Mario + Rabbis: Kingdom Battle and Beyond Good and Evil 2.

This year, the most disappointing conference was by Electronic Arts. They presented only five games without counting the sports titles.

Electronic Arts


  1. Battlefield V
    • Following the trend, EA is working on Battle Royale mode for the game
    • Air combat
  2. Unravel Two
    • Two-player capability
    • You and your partner can attach to one another for further strategizing
    • Unusual, beautiful environments
  3. Anthem
    • Open-world gameplay with other players
    • It’s a mech game which is rare nowadays
    • Great combat, just check out the gameplay video

Even though EA will likely ruin the games, it should be noted that they are working on Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Battlefront II.

For the first time in several years, Square Enix didn’t have a talk show with their presentations. That was a very odd setup. They had a demo reel of their upcoming games and updates. The following are the ones that stuck out.

Square Enix


  1. Kingdom Hearts 3
    • New worlds featuring those from Pixar movies like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc.
    • Ice skating
    • Old worlds have returned, plus updated graphics
  2. Octopath Traveler
    • RPG with eight different playable characters, each with their own story and abilities
    • Amazingly difficult bosses
    • Three hours of gameplay in the demo out right now
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
    • Quickly moves from one action sequence to another, seemingly like the most recent film
    • More tomb-raiding
    • More interactions with NPCs

Square Enix was another common recipient of complaints from fans but I came out completely satisfied with their conference. Two other games that are worth checking out by them are: The Adventures of Captain Spirit adds to the narrative for Life is Strange. Dragon Quest is another popular series and it’s getting its 11th core game installment.

After the announcement for Fallout 76 a few weeks ago, the hype for Bethesda’s conference was real.



  1. Fallout 76
    • Online mode with public and private servers
    • Crafting is back
    • 4x the size of Fallout 4
  2. Elder Scrolls VI
  3. Doom Eternal

Bethesda provided us with little information on multiple games they presented in their conference. Other titles to look out for are: Fallout Shelter (Switch), Starfield, Prey: Mooncrash and Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

Devolver Digital


I forgot all about Devolver Digital presenting at E3 but I loved their presentation. It was in the form of a dark comedy. They announced that they are releasing a long-awaited title, Metal Wolf Chaos XD. The only problem is that the game looks like it needs several graphics upgrades. Graphics don’t matter but also, make it look like you’re at least trying, right? Unless the gameplay makes up for it and it was intentional or they’re not too far in development, then there’s no excuse for such sloppiness.

The New Day vs. The Elite in Street Fighter V

One final exciting event occurred at E3 2018. WWE wrestlers faced off in a Street Fighter V tournament held by the Capcom booth. The tournament was a team match between Kofi Kingston, Big E. and Xaviar Woods known as The New Day versus Kenny Omega, Matt and Nick Jackson making up The Elite. Together, the Jacksons are also known as The Young Bucks.

A rivalry brewed between Woods and Omega, giving reason for this tournament. First, each team sent out a player to face off in a round. Whoever won counted toward the overall win count and they needed a total of 2/3 wins to be crowned champion.

Initially, The New Day won the tournament but then the stakes were raised because Woods and Omega still hadn’t played one another. This time, both teams agreed that if either side lost in the end, all three members of that side would have to eat one habanero pepper. Furthermore, the matches were now only between Woods and Omega. Whoever reached five wins first, claimed victory.

Woods took the lead right out the gate with a record of 2-0 on Omega. He just needed to reach three more victories. Then Omega caught up and tied it. The two players continued to tie one another all the way until the score was 4-4. Ultimately, Omega won so The New Day members each had to eat one habanero pepper.

Woods refused to let his teammates take the fall for his loss so he attempted to eat all three peppers. He ate two and Omega felt that he wants to be better than Woods at eating peppers too so he joined in. Omega finished off with only one, though.

E3 2018 was a fantastic experience, all just from the Twitch streams. I can’t wait for the future game releases as we are so privileged to live in such an accessible gaming world as this one. Good luck on your gaming ventures, friends and I hope you gained something from E3 this year!

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