The Premise

My Hero Academia Season 3 finished recently.  The first Season of this show burst onto the Anime scene in April of 2016.  Pop culture took notice and the Anime and Manga are both extremely popular.  It was no surprise that season 3 aired soon after season 2.  In my opinion the show keeps getting better each time.  Lets talk about why.

But wait, lets talk about what this show is for just a moment. In the cinema world, Marvel and DC are dominating the box offices with their movies.  My Hero Academia just like them features a world with many super heroes and villains.  Each of the characters that has been introduced has been fleshed out to the point where they all feel unique.  The character driven story on top of the sheer list of unique abilities is a large part of the appeal.

Quirks are what these powers are named in the My Hero Academia Universe.  Most humans are born with one.  However, the main character Izuku Midoriya is one of those who does not.  His hero worship of the number one hero, All Might is what kicks off the story.  This ultimately leads to Midoriya gaining a quirk of his own and becoming deeply ingrained in the future of the entire world.

Better known as Deku, a name given to him by friend/rival Bakugo, he aspires to be the number one hero.  To that end, Deku is attending U. A. High School which is considered the best place to cultivate young heroes. However, things are not fun and games for Deku, or his classmates. Villains lurk in the shadows, properly watching for the proper moments to strike.

My Thoughts

The third season begins its decent into a darker show than ever before.  The villains have begun to act more openly.  The world in general is becoming less safe.  Things only become more dangerous as the season continues on.  Deku is continuously tested on what is and what is not a hero.  Some of these tough situations are even created by the Heroes Association itself!  As if villains existing did not make his life difficult enough.

Strong character development continues to make My Hero Academia great.  Each of the students get their day in the limelight.  This becomes even more impressive when one realizes that characters are not just limited to Deku’s class anymore.  After season 2, it is not even limited to his school for that matter.

Equally fascinating is the parallels that the main heroes and their villain counterparts deal with in their daily lives. Given the fact that it is called My Hero Academia few would have batted an eye if the villains were generic doomsday characters.  But this show goes above and beyond to create an unforgettable story.  The motivations of villains such as Shigaraki and All For One are fleshed out making an even stronger narrative.

All in all, this is the best season of the show in my opinion.  Based on the setup that occurs right at the end, it is very possible that I will say this again come the next season. The wait for said next season will not be long either.  The shows’ commercial success allows new seasons to be made quickly.  The quality has not decreased.

To say that I highly recommend My Hero Academia is an understatement. If there is an Anime that is new that is worth watching, this is it.  I would argue that when people look back at notable Anime from this time period, My Hero Academia will be remembered fondly.



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This Show is Nothing Short of Remarkable The show that reignited my drive to work out to be the strongest I can be continues to mystify and impress. I can't wait for the surprises coming in the next season. The pacing was near perfect and the characters continue to be some of the best in recent Anime.

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