The Premise

Imagine you are playing an Massive Multiplayer Online RPG.  You have chosen to role play as an evil character.  You reach maximum level. Next, you are transported to another world.  Before I continue, this almost sounds like many different Anime right?  True, but remember one little thing. You have chosen to play an evil character.  Ok still with me? Now imagine that when you are transported to this new world, the maximum level of any foe you face is around level 30.  You just happen to be level 100.

Overlord is an Anime that explores this very situation.  Ainz Ooal Gown the Lich is the Overlord referenced in the title.  This Anime focuses on his conquests of a world that is vastly unprepared for him.  Along for the ride are his incredibly dangerous Non Player Character minions.  Some of them are of comparable power to Ainz himself.

Overlord delivers everything that is expected. With far less lizards, and way more action this season is stunning.  The fan favorite NPCs are back for more.  Albedo the lovable Yandere Succubus who was mostly absent in the last season gets featured a bit more.  New plots thanks to Diabolical Mastermind Demiurge weave the story together. Shaltear the Vampire Queen is back to remind foolish adventurers that they are nothing more than playthings to her.

Overlord season 3

My Thoughts

While there are certainly characters outside of the NPCs and Ainz himself who viewers care about, lets be honest, we watch Overlord to watch everyone’s favorite Lich showcase how powerful he is. This third season is sure to please those who are looking for destruction.  The banter as usual is equally entertaining. Ainz’s inner monologues continue to be compelling.

The world building is also accomplished far better than in the last season.  With the Lizardmen it felt like things were not needed at all.  There are no arcs like that this time around. It is much more fluid and entertaining.  You will laugh at the absurd situations as well as the pathetic humans that populate the world.

I am looking forward to season four where things look to really be ramping up. There have been hints of a larger plot for a while.  And given the events that happen this season, things are really shaping up for an incredible story.  This is most impressive since Overlord functions just fine on strong characters and sadism.

If there is any criticism to be had, it is that the soundtrack is not as memorable as some other Anime I have watched.  However, the soundtrack does not distract from the show either. Sometimes the music does not fit at all and takes away from the story.  Overlord’s music does neither.

This show is having an incredible run so far and it truly remarkable that new seasons keep being announced for it.  If that is not enough to convince you to watch Overlord, I don’t know what to tell you.


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The best season yet The characters are near flawless the story is very well written to add to it. While the music is a bit more forgettable, it does not interfere with the Anime which is still a selling point.

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