With Anime Expo 2019 right around the corner, it can be quite stressful to decide what events,panels, shows, and the premieres to attend during the 4-day event. Whether you’re a long time con-goer or this is your first time we put together a list of a few things we recommend you check out. Before you start planning out the weekend adventure we recommend you download the Anime Expo app located both in the PlayStore and AppStore (ISO). It will allow you to see the time, location, and any new updates to the current Anime Expo schedule and a map of the Convention Center. It also allows you to add events to your own personal schedule under the “My Schedule” tab.

We want to start out our list with the iconic Artist Alley located in the Kentia Hall. With more than 500 artists ready to showcase and sell their handmade creations the Artist Alley is something you may want to visit more than once during the weekend. This includes items such as original artwork, prints, crafts, clothing, pins & charms, comic collections and more. This is one of the largest gatherings of amateur and semi-professional artists under one convention. Don’t forget this year’s featured artists are Shinnosuke Uchida the world’s only wall-manga live paint artist, and of course the LA-Based pop culture artist Jared Yamahata. For more information and list of artists please visit AnimeExpo.org .

anime expo 2019 charity auction

Second, on our list but not in our hearts is the Anime Expo Charity Auction held on July 7 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m in the Live Programming 3 (Room 408 AB). The proceeds for this auction go to the worthy local organization Terasaki Budokan. We truly encourage you to go check out and even bid on some of the amazing items that are provided by the AX 2019 Guest Of Honor, Anime Vendors, and Companies. Items normally include things such as signed merchandise, memorabilia, and original artwork. Terasaki Budokan’s mission provides a facility in Downtown Los Angeles for youth, families, and seniors that offers sports, community activities and opportunities to connect visitors to Japanese American culture and sustainable Little Tokyo. Last year the Charity Auction raised close to $18,000. To see a selection of the auction items for 2019, please visit the Charity Auction display in the Annex at Kentia Hall from Day 1 to Day 3 at Anime Expo 2019.

If you’re looking to watch or play some videogames as you wind down after shopping at the artist alley we recommend you check out the more then 200 gaming station Anime Expo delivers with an eGaming and esports area, Tabletop, Mobile, and arcade games at the Entertainment Hall. With tournaments, learn-to-play, and free-play sessions, they offer something for all skill levels. Plus you will be able to join some of the biggest names as in the industry when they reveal their new projects. 

anime expo cosplay 2019

If cosplay is something you enjoy we suggest you check out the “Masquerade & World Cosplay Summit US Finals” located at the Main Event room (Hall B) On July 6, 8-11 p.m. Anime Expo embraces cosplay and the AX Masquerade is a celebration of craft and performance with a rich history of 20 years. Go support the amazing talent as they hope to win US preliminary for World Cosplay Summit.

Lastly, we want to highlight Crunchyroll who is bringing a lot to this year’s Anime Expo. From their Crunchyroll HQ at the Nova to World Premieres, Special guest, and numerous panels. Before you check out all of that you have to make sure to visit their booth (Location: Booth #2600) where they will offer fans free drawstring bags with designs from series such as “Mob Psycho 100,” “Dr. STONE,” “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” and “The Rising of the Shield Hero,” . The design will be different each day so make sure you check back daily and quickly as its while supplies last. You will also be able to buy some AX exclusive merch offered by Crunchyroll while supplies last. They were kind enough to share a list of some of the merch they will have so you can preplan your purchases. (check the images below for that)

They are also launching something that sounds pretty cool called Crunchyroll Digital Drops which is a digital collectible app where you can collect and trade virtual stickers from various anime titles via QR codes at special locations at their booth. With so many panels it was hard to decide which ones to highlight for you so here is a list of all the CR panels this year with times and locations. 

So that’s it! We hope you find this list helpful and we are excited to see you at Anime Expo 2019. Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to see our adventure at Anime Expo. 

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