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Colossal Con Cosplay Round-up Album #2

While we gear up for our big exodus to California for the annual Anime Expo, we have finally finished processing all the pics we took at Colossal Con 2017. For those of you who are not aware of what Colossal Con is or where it takes place, it is a beach party convention hosted in the city of Sandusky Ohio. With a large pool and plenty of areas for photo shoots, Colossal Con is an optimum place for cosplayers and cosplay photographers alike. As with all our photo albums, if you are one of the cosplayers within the album and would like a high res version of the image of...

Colossal Con Cosplay Round-up Album #1

Colossal Con is a notorious convention synonymous with the words “water park.” Which conveniently gives us ample opportunities to snag a bunch of great photos of everyone enjoying some time in the sun. And speaking of water parks, we even had a underwater shoot that we will include in a post later on. That being said, Colossal Con was a blast. We met a ton of great folks and here is a quick collection below: As with all our shoots, if you are one of the cosplayers in this album and would like a higher res image that what is posted, feel free to reach out to us at our...

Colorado Anime Community | Cosplay Feature Shoot

Yesterday, the facebook group known as the Colorado Anime Community had a meet up. We took the opportunity to drop by and take a few cosplay photos. Check out the cosplayers below! Hopefully these pics will hold everyone over while we process our pics from Colossal Con this past weekend. Stay tune for more albums to come in the future!

Dragon Ball Super Puzzle Game Announced

Yesterday, Toei Animation Inc. and SCRAP Entertainment, Inc. announced a Dragon Ball Super themed puzzle game that will be taking place at this year’s Anime Expo. The scavenger hunt will span across the entire Anime Expo event this year in Los Angeles, CA (July 1st – 4th). Obviously it will be themed after the hit anime series Dragon Ball Super and will have players solving puzzles in a story-based scavenger hunt. The event’s organizers describe the puzzle hunt as: The game will take players on a whirlwind tour across different locations on the Anime Expo floor – each with their own set of secrets to uncover. Players will not only have the chance...

Junko Cosplay | Danganronpa Feature Shoot 2017

Here’s a fun Danganronpa Feature Shoot, showcasing Savannah Vinson as Junko! Shot/edited: Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots like the Junko cosplay! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

The Tamago Poster – Your Guide to the Various Uses of the Egg

Occasionally we receive requests from various kickstarters to feature products. To be honest, most of the time we ignore them. However, on the very few occasions one does pique our interest we feel the need to mention something about it. A while back we introduced Fanny Chu, a foodie based in California who is currently on a quest to find the best food within Asian culture and to educate everyone in a fun and visual manner. She has compiled and designed several posters (which have all been successful on Kickstarter) that highlight these various foods and classifications. Of the ones we have seen, she has done one on where she thinks the...

Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #2

Starfest is a brilliant place filled with tons of wonderful folks all collectively jazzed to geek out over each other’s outfits. Below is our second collection of people we met while attending the annual event down in Denver’s tech center. And there we have it folks! We will be coming out with a list of our top cosplays from Starfest either later today or tomorrow so stay tuned!

Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #1

Every year we attend Denver’s annual Starfest. And with it comes a different type of cosplay community that we don’t run in to while at anime cons. So without further ado, here are the first round of photos we have processed! Well that is it for this round. Tune in and we will be doing another collection either within a few hours or the next day! And if you are a cosplayer and want a higher res copy of the image feel free to shoot us an email over at our contact page!

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Bunny Kofuku Mini-Series

Here’s a Bunny Kofuku Mini-Series Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017! Showcasing Britt Lee Scherer as Kofuku from Noragami! Shot/edited: Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

Arby’s is Killing the Anime Marketing Game

Now we can’t tell whether or not there is one really bored dude, a huge fan, or both. Either way, the sandwich fast food joint Arby’s has been killing it at their marketing recently. You may remember Arby’s notoriety pop up via the Nihilist Arby’s twitter a while back. Well now it appears we have a huge anime fan is a part of their creative team. It appears that Arby’s is back on the notoriety train. Over the past year they have launched several marketing images on their Facebook page that can be seen below (most recent of which has involved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure): And to finish it off, with my...

20 Questions: The Erica Mendez Edition

While in attendance at Colorado Anime Fest 2017, we were graced by the talent of Erica Mendez. So graceful was she that we were allowed not only the opportunity to interview her, but film said interview. Observe with your very eyes said interview! On a serious note, Erica Mendez was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional but extremely kind at the same time. It truly was a privilege to get the opportunity to sit down with her and chat the way we did. So I’d like to say thank you to the organizers at Colorado Anime Fest, Erica, and to those of you who took the time to watch...

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Devil Love Live! Feature Shoot

Here’s our Devil Love Live! Cosplay Feature Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017! Cosplayers from top to bottom: Isabelle McGee/Maki, Isabella Middlemiss/Nico, Ene Tiayi/Honoka, Maxine Choi/Kotori, Johanna Risley/Rin, and Yua Choi/Umi. Shot/edited by BentoByte Photographer Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Re:Zero Feature Shoot

Here’s the first Cosplay Feature Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017, showcasing Yuki Li as Rem/Ram and Helenayu KuMa as Emilia from Re:Zero! Shot/edited by BentoByte Photographer Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive feature shoots!

The Cosplayers of Colorado Anime Fest 2017 Album 2

We’re back! This time around we have a bit shorter of an album. As with most of our albums, if you are one of the cosplayers and would like a high res copy of any of the images (sorry the ones on our site have a 8 MB limit) then reach out to us across social media or through our contact us page. And as always, great work everyone! We had a wonderful time meeting everyone in the cosplay community at COAF 2017. Cosplay is a fun and exciting community that we are always so happy to be a part of. So without further ado, here is another album: Stay awesome...

The Cosplayers of Colorado Anime Fest 2017 Album 1

Over the course of three days while at the annual Colorado Anime Fest, we met some great cosplayers. There are going to be a few shots here and there as repeats (some are from the same shoots).  There will be three batches of posts (as there will be one from each photographer). So stay turned for the others! The first group of shots were done by Nigel Wang a professional photographer that runs his own photography service outside of BentoByte. So give it a look here and be sure to follow him on Facebook. In the meantime see his shots below: Stick around for our other two albums of cosplayers...