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Colossal Con Cosplay Round-up Album #2

While we gear up for our big exodus to California for the annual Anime Expo, we have finally finished processing all the pics we took at Colossal Con 2017. For those of you who are not aware of what Colossal Con is or where it takes place, it is a beach party convention hosted in the city of Sandusky Ohio. With a large pool and plenty of areas for photo shoots, Colossal Con is an optimum place for cosplayers and cosplay photographers alike. As with all our photo albums, if you are one of the cosplayers within the album and would like a high res version of the image of...

Colossal Con Cosplay Round-up Album #1

Colossal Con is a notorious convention synonymous with the words “water park.” Which conveniently gives us ample opportunities to snag a bunch of great photos of everyone enjoying some time in the sun. And speaking of water parks, we even had a underwater shoot that we will include in a post later on. That being said, Colossal Con was a blast. We met a ton of great folks and here is a quick collection below: As with all our shoots, if you are one of the cosplayers in this album and would like a higher res image that what is posted, feel free to reach out to us at our...

Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #2

Starfest is a brilliant place filled with tons of wonderful folks all collectively jazzed to geek out over each other’s outfits. Below is our second collection of people we met while attending the annual event down in Denver’s tech center. And there we have it folks! We will be coming out with a list of our top cosplays from Starfest either later today or tomorrow so stay tuned!

Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #1

Every year we attend Denver’s annual Starfest. And with it comes a different type of cosplay community that we don’t run in to while at anime cons. So without further ado, here are the first round of photos we have processed! Well that is it for this round. Tune in and we will be doing another collection either within a few hours or the next day! And if you are a cosplayer and want a higher res copy of the image feel free to shoot us an email over at our contact page!

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Devil Love Live! Feature Shoot

Here’s our Devil Love Live! Cosplay Feature Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017! Cosplayers from top to bottom: Isabelle McGee/Maki, Isabella Middlemiss/Nico, Ene Tiayi/Honoka, Maxine Choi/Kotori, Johanna Risley/Rin, and Yua Choi/Umi. Shot/edited by BentoByte Photographer Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Re:Zero Feature Shoot

Here’s the first Cosplay Feature Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017, showcasing Yuki Li as Rem/Ram and Helenayu KuMa as Emilia from Re:Zero! Shot/edited by BentoByte Photographer Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive feature shoots!

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 Cosplay Recap

This weekend the BentoByte crew attended the (recently) annual Colorado Anime Fest. While we are running around getting our cosplay photos and interviews edited, we had our crew put together a little showcase of some of the cosplayers that we met while there. Check them out below! While we realize this isn’t everyone who was in attendance at the fest, this was a quick preview of some of the awesome people from two of the days we were there. Stay turned for more cosplay in the future. Over the next week (or so), we will be bringing you cosplay photos and video interviews!

The Day 3 Cosplayers of Denver Comic Con 2016

The last installment of this three part series of pictures from the Denver Comic Con will be shorter (we promise). At the final day of DCC 2016, the outdoors hit a hundred (which is a lot in Colorado) and those that were not baking outside were indoors, drinking and showing off their cosplay. Conveniently, is also what we do best.  We were not able to remember the names of everything and everyone in this album, so if there is something we missed, leave us a comment. So nice we put it in twice. As always, if you are one of the cosplayers in this album and would like a higher...

The Cosplayers of Anime Southwest 2016

While attending the 2016 Anime Southwest convention in Thornton Colorado (put on by the people at Sukoshi Con) we met some great cosplayers. As always, if you are one of the cosplayers below and would like a high res version of the image feel free to email us and we will hook you up. In the meantime, check out the cosplayer’s hard work below! We enjoyed getting to meet everyone and we cannot wait until our next con in Denver at the Denver Comic Con! Hope to see you and your cosplay while there!

I Went to My First Convention and It Was Katsucon

A few weeks ago, I went to Katsucon over in Maryland. I’ve abstained from writing about it for the time being because I was going to another anime convention after that one, so I wanted to let the convention hype die down before I focused and actually sat myself in front of a computer screen to write about this. It’s a good thing I did because now I’m able to separate the two experiences, with one event providing insight for the other. But this is about Katsucon. And Katsucon was my first anime convention…ever. Now, some of you might be thinking, “Hey, don’t you write about anime professionally and waste...

The Cosplayers of Katuscon 2016

From February 12th through February 14th, BentoByte attended Katsucon 2016 at the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. We had an absolute blast meeting so many different people and coming together as a community. The convention had its ups and downs (there was a small kitchen fire that caused the entire convention to be evacuated for about an hour) but all in all it was a fun convention. Below are some notable images taken over the three day span with various cosplay ranging from Star Wars to League of Legends. Kuzco himself even made an appearance and caused the crowd to go into a hilarious uproar. Hopefully, we here at BentoByte...

The Cosplayers of Colorado Anime Fest 2016

So after meandering about at the first (confirmed) annual Colorado Anime Fest we took pictures of all the lovely folks we met. Now unfortunately, due to a setting on my camera there were a couple of cosplayers that I wasn’t able to develop the photos of. So for those not included, I do apologize. That being said though, scope the rest of the awesome folks below:   Of course we will post all the images to our Facebook page, so should you want to tag yourself, you can certainly do so. If you are any of the folks in this album and want a copy of a higher res image send us...

Top 10 Reasons To Go To a Con

After attending my first convention this weekend with a couple of members from the BentoByte team, I was able to understand the hype behind going to conventions. We have compiled a list of the top 10 reasons why we think you need to check one out ASAP. A place that you can meet people with the same interest as you. Going to a convention it is amazing to see people come out of their shells and enjoy being around people that have the same interests as you do. The open community that surrounds these conventions is amazing to see how open people are with complete strangers. It does not matter...

Top 10 Cosplays of NDK 2015

Nan Desu Kan is the largest anime convention in Colorado. And with anime conventions, there is cosplay, of course. So over the course of the three days spent at the Nan Desu Kan we saw a lot of cosplayers. Below are our top 10 favorites from the convention. There were a bunch of attendees and we did our best to get pictures of everyone, although we may not have all of them we certainly did our best. So without further ado here are our top 10 favorites (of everyone we were able to get a picture of). 10. Lilith – Darkstalkers 9. Doof Warrior – Mad Max: Fury Road Who could forget...

NDK Day 2 Cosplayers

Here is our NDK day 2 compilation album. To reiterate what we said in our last post, if we don’t know what an outfit is from and you do, leave us a comment so we can update it. Once all three days of images have been uploaded, we will post all the pictures across our social media sites. What were some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!