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Junko Cosplay | Danganronpa Feature Shoot 2017

Here’s a fun Danganronpa Feature Shoot, showcasing Savannah Vinson as Junko! Shot/edited: Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots like the Junko cosplay! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

The Tamago Poster – Your Guide to the Various Uses of the Egg

Occasionally we receive requests from various kickstarters to feature products. To be honest, most of the time we ignore them. However, on the very few occasions one does pique our interest we feel the need to mention something about it. A while back we introduced Fanny Chu, a foodie based in California who is currently on a quest to find the best food within Asian culture and to educate everyone in a fun and visual manner. She has compiled and designed several posters (which have all been successful on Kickstarter) that highlight these various foods and classifications. Of the ones we have seen, she has done one on where she thinks the...

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Bunny Kofuku Mini-Series

Here’s a Bunny Kofuku Mini-Series Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017! Showcasing Britt Lee Scherer as Kofuku from Noragami! Shot/edited: Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

Arby’s is Killing the Anime Marketing Game

Now we can’t tell whether or not there is one really bored dude, a huge fan, or both. Either way, the sandwich fast food joint Arby’s has been killing it at their marketing recently. You may remember Arby’s notoriety pop up via the Nihilist Arby’s twitter a while back. Well now it appears we have a huge anime fan is a part of their creative team. It appears that Arby’s is back on the notoriety train. Over the past year they have launched several marketing images on their Facebook page that can be seen below (most recent of which has involved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure): And to finish it off, with my...

20 Questions: The Erica Mendez Edition

While in attendance at Colorado Anime Fest 2017, we were graced by the talent of Erica Mendez. So graceful was she that we were allowed not only the opportunity to interview her, but film said interview. Observe with your very eyes said interview! On a serious note, Erica Mendez was an absolute pleasure to work with. Very professional but extremely kind at the same time. It truly was a privilege to get the opportunity to sit down with her and chat the way we did. So I’d like to say thank you to the organizers at Colorado Anime Fest, Erica, and to those of you who took the time to watch...

Colorado Anime Fest 2017 Cosplay Recap

This weekend the BentoByte crew attended the (recently) annual Colorado Anime Fest. While we are running around getting our cosplay photos and interviews edited, we had our crew put together a little showcase of some of the cosplayers that we met while there. Check them out below! While we realize this isn’t everyone who was in attendance at the fest, this was a quick preview of some of the awesome people from two of the days we were there. Stay turned for more cosplay in the future. Over the next week (or so), we will be bringing you cosplay photos and video interviews!

Bokksu January 2017 Unboxing and Review

A new year, a new year of snack boxes from Bokksu! Fortunately for subscribers, Bokksu is kicking the year off with a really solid box. The theme for January 2017 box is “Maru”, which translates to “circle” in Japan. Maru is associated with “goodness” in Japan, so Bokksu decided to ship a box full of goodness straight to us. In case video reviews are more your speed, you can check out our video review on the BentoByte YouTube channel. All that being said, let’s dive in! The Natural Yeast Bread Hokkaido Cream is about as much of a mouth-full as the name of the snack. This pastry roll was absolutely...

December 2016 Bokksu Review

Gotta say, I’m a big fan of the kind people over at Bokksu. They’ve sent us yet another of their Japanese sweets boxes, this one being the December 2016 box. As we’ve mentioned before, Bokksu is a little different in that the focus of the box is to send you sweets and treats from specific regions in Japan. Less focus on what you may find anywhere in the country, more Mom & Pop sweet shop sorts of snacks. So without further delay, let’s jump on in to the review. One more small delay though. I have to mention this every time we get a box from Bokksu; the box and...

Bokksu November 2016 Unboxing and Review

This week we received a new subscription box from a company we have yet to come across, Bokksu. Bokksu, which comes in a little orange box, has a bit of a different perspective on the whole Japanese subscription box fad. Much like Snakku, they focus mainly on providing snacks that people from Japan actually eat. Not just your run-of-the-mill plethora that can be purchased from a corner store, Bokksu pairs this with a theme and a tea. Yes, that’s right, a tea. Out of all the others we have reviewed in the past, this is the first one to have a tea paring. So from that perspective is pretty neat....

Anime Expo 2017 Invites Fans to Vote for Guests

Anime Expo is a hell of a convention. Being the largest anime convention in the country, it’s hosts an array of amazing guests from artists to voice actors to directors and more. That being the case, I think it’s pretty incredible that Anime Expo 2017 is offering a chance to the fans and attendees to voice their picks for potential guests next year. (I’ll say upfront; if this is a yearly occurrence that I’ve managed to miss up till now, I apologize for saying it’s new. But it’s still a cool thing to do!) Anime Expo is taking interested parties votes through a survey hosted on Zoho, which you can...

Tales of Zestiria BentoByte Playthrough Part 2

In this week’s playthrough of Tales of Zestiria, we pick right back up where we left off last time. We apologize for the delay between this one and the last one. We had recorded the audio but the video didn’t take. So we had to go back and redo part of the game as well as edit some of the video footage to match the audio. Bear with us though, this will be resolved in all future playthrough videos.

Chattin’ with Chris Patton

While attending the 2016 Nan Desu Kan in Denver, CO we met up with a favorite voice actor of ours, Chris Patton. Sorry for the potato quality everyone, we forgot to bring our tripod with us and the camera had a difficult time focusing. Next time we will be sure that the quality is higher. Is there anyone you think we should interview? Send us a message or leave us a comment! We don’t mind asking the offhanded questions.

Top Ten Cosplays of NDK 2016

Nan Desu Kan, or NDK, was my highlight of the Denver Con season for the year once again. To date, I’ve never been disappointed in my time spent at NDK nor the time I spent with the people I’ve met while attending. Most notably, the fantastic crowd of cosplayers in attendance. Once again, NDK 2016 was a time to shine for both local cosplayers local and those cosplayers that traveled from far away to attend. I loved all the cosplays I saw, I have to admit there were some I liked more than others. Due to aspects such as the uniqueness, nostalgia, or effort in construction, these were cosplays that truly stuck...

The Day 3 Cosplayers of NDK 2016

All the final pictures from NDK 2016 have been processed. Take a look below at the cosplayers we met while attending this years 2016 Nan Desu Kan in Denver Colorado. As always, if you would like a higher resolution image than what is here on the site, feel free to contact us through our contact us section.