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Colorado Anime Fest 2017 | Devil Love Live! Feature Shoot

Here’s our Devil Love Live! Cosplay Feature Shoot from Colorado Anime Fest 2017! Cosplayers from top to bottom: Isabelle McGee/Maki, Isabella Middlemiss/Nico, Ene Tiayi/Honoka, Maxine Choi/Kotori, Johanna Risley/Rin, and Yua Choi/Umi. Shot/edited by BentoByte Photographer Jesse Pulido. Be sure to check back for more exclusive Feature Shoots! Click here to see our previous Feature Shoot.

Nintendo Teams Up with Playboy to Promote Bayonetta 2

“Nintendo Teams Up with Playboy to Promote Bayonetta 2.” That sentence doesn’t seem right. Nintendo, the family gaming company known for lovable series like the Mario games or Donkey Kong, teaming up with Playboy, likely the most popular adult entertainment (Men’s Lifestyle) magazine in the world? I never thought I’d see Nintendo directly working with Playboy on something. Maybe a bunny dressed like a character from a classic series. Maybe. But promotional work for a new game? Though that might be a dated idea. Nintendo has definitely been trying to appeal more to the older generation, why else would they get the exclusive rights to Bayonetta 2? (I hear it’s amazing. Comment if you’ve played...