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Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #2

Starfest is a brilliant place filled with tons of wonderful folks all collectively jazzed to geek out over each other’s outfits. Below is our second collection of people we met while attending the annual event down in Denver’s tech center. And there we have it folks! We will be coming out with a list of our top cosplays from Starfest either later today or tomorrow so stay tuned!

Starfest 2017 Cosplay Album #1

Every year we attend Denver’s annual Starfest. And with it comes a different type of cosplay community that we don’t run in to while at anime cons. So without further ado, here are the first round of photos we have processed! Well that is it for this round. Tune in and we will be doing another collection either within a few hours or the next day! And if you are a cosplayer and want a higher res copy of the image feel free to shoot us an email over at our contact page!

Starfest 2016 Thoughts & Impressions

You know you have hit an interesting point in your life when you are seated at a bar debating Star Wars lore between a cosplayer dressed a Zap Brannigan on one side and Harley Quinn on the other. But that is just how life is in Denver over the weekend at a con. Welcome to Starfest 2016, one of Denver’s oldest cons. Due to renovations this year, the location for Starfest 2016 was a tad different this year. This year’s Star Trek (and really any space science fiction) con relocated to a hotel near Denver International Airport. According to onsite staff, the Crown Plaza (where this one is held) is the original location of...

Top 7 Cosplays of Starfest 2016

Now that the full album of cosplayers is out, it is time for us to decide on our favorites while at Starfest 2016. Everyone had great outfits at Starfest this year and it is always great fun going out and meeting everyone. We hope to see you all next year! 7. Dr. Doom – Fantastic 4 There is nothing quite as classic as a good Dr. Doom cosplay. This cosplayer’s green outfit is made out of a plethora of different materials but assembled in a way that pays the perfect homage to the original Dr. Doom from the Fantastic 4 (no, not two terrible live-action films that have come out in the...

The Cosplayers of Starfest 2016

Now this year at Starfest in Denver Colorado, we tried to get as many pictures as possible of all the cosplayers that were there in attendance. We were not able to get them all, and some of the pictures did make the cut (that is our bad). Below is are all the folks we met. If you see a picture of yourself and would like a high resolution copy, send us a message over at info@bentobyte.co. Check it out below:   As always, we will be posting these images on our Facebook page so that you all can tag yourselves from the weekend’s activities!

A Series of Unfortunately Random Questions with Arryn Zech

While at attendance at Denver’s annual Starfest, we had a quick moment to sit down and chat with the lovely Arryn Zech. Arryn is the voice behind popular characters such as Blake Belladonna in RWBY and Dr. Emily Grey in Red vs. Blue. She is currently residing in Los Angeles but is still heavily involved with RWBY. Now, we only had a mere five minutes to sit down with Arryn so we were not able to get every question we had hoped for in. Either way, check out our interview with her below: It was particularly fun getting to know Arryn Zech, and we were glad we were able to ask everything like prying questions...

Starfest 2015 Thoughts & Impressions

While attending another convention earlier this year, I was sitting down next to a cosplayer dressed as Elsa from Frozen (sorry I don’t remember her real name). During the long conversation I had with her about cosplaying, crafting and cons, she insisted that BentoByte attend Starfest 2015. Elsa told me about the size of the venue and how there was going to be a larger group in attendance. Since we were sitting in a cramped bar sharing bar stools with someone dressed as David Bowie and Snake from Metal Gear Solid, I elected to take her advice. And I was not disappointed. Starfest was exactly as Elsa claimed. It had a larger venue, schedule of...

Starfest 2015 Cosplayers

Starfest 2015 is a very large event in Denver CO. Now although we spent a lot of time meeting and taking pictures of all the lovely individuals participating and cosplaying, here are some of those people:                                              Like this cosplayers outfit (it is all handmade leather by the way, and hand riveted) you can check out his Instagram here!