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Narcissu 10th Anniversary Kickstarter Launches

For fans of the Narcissu series, Sekai Project has launched a kickstarter in order to finish the anthology. With their funds from the kickstarter, Sekai Project intends to create a remake of the original visual novels as well as create 4 new chapters. The original visual novel, created by Stage-Nana, launched ten years ago. The story delves into terminal illnesses and the emotional effect it can have on people and their relationships. The images below are from the four new chapters that will be created should the kickstarter be successful. 

Hatoful Boyfriend PS4 PS Vita Release Date Announced

According to a press release on the official PlayStation blog (and in a tweet below), Mediatonic, and publisher Devolver Digital, the popular simulation game Hatoful Boyfriend release date has been announced. The game was originally released back 2011 and the remake was released in Setember of 2014. Now, not only will this newer remake be released on PS4 and PSVita, but this pigeon dating simulator is due to arrive on July 21st. Also, added in with the release is a new romance option with one of the characters called Tohri. Tohri wasn’t available before and was only involved in the Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star. With the new character this means that there is a new ending added in with...