If you’re a big fan of Porter Robinson, you’ve undoubtedly heard how he got into Electronic Music. If you haven’t heard, this video is for you! Unlike a lot of other popular artists right now, Porter didn’t get into EDM because his friends loved it or because he saw Daft Punk’s Alive tour, but rather because of video games. One video game in particular known as Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR for short, sparked his interest. At the age of 12, Porter’s brother brought home DDR for the Playstation 2 and that, combined with his rising interest in Japanese culture, kick-started Porter Robinson’s love for all things Japanese and Electronic Music related. The video below is quite entertaining and informative, as you not only get a few clips of Porter playing DDR, but you also learn about his thought process behind a few of the album’s songs. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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