Episode 8: Circular

We decided recently to skip to the most recent episode and catch up with the others later on. This way we do a review and stream as soon as we can on the most up-to-date episode!

This week we had the showdown, the doves vs. Ken and Touka!

It was rather exciting seeing Ken don his mask for the first time. For those of us who haven’t read the manga and have only seen the mask from cover and images, it looks badass in the show.

Seeing Mado use Hinami’s parents as a weapon against her was equally interesting and screwed up. But now we know where the quinque are made from. Viewers already knew he was sick and twisted mentally, but this put him on the next level which is exactly why I was more than happy to see him perish at the end of the episode. The show can be sadistic (for instance Hinami’s mothers head[?] being in the bag) but there was only so much time for a character like Mado to exist. He was insane, but his motivation for being so didn’t seem interesting enough. And sure Mado’s obsession over quinques made him intriguing, but there needed to be more of a reason than mere obsession. I am sure the show will introduce a new type of insane character soon but I hope they spark a bit more intrigue in me than Mado did.

Also one other awesome aspect was Ken sparing Amon and even trying to get Amon to understand his perspective. Although we can all guess Amon will not stop hunting ghouls, it will be fun to see Ken’s perspective worm its way into Amon’s perspective. Can’t wait to see how it will change his character in the future!

Overall a solid action packed episode, with enough content to really change the dynamic of some of the characters. Let us know what you thought of this episode and leave us a comment below!

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Circular Overall a solid action packed episode with enough content to really change the dynamic of some of the characters.
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