Episode 10: Aogiri

This week’s episode was another (more) exciting story builder. Albeit, there wasn’t much real action (excluding the first two minutes and the beat down by Yakumo) there was at least a proper introduction of all the characters that will be involved later on. There were two unknown additions to the cast at the beginning with the destruction of the 11th ward dove headquarters, and a proper acknowledgment of Touka’s brother Ayato, Banjo, Yakumo, and the newest addition to the doves Juuzou.
I’m just excited that we have a plethora of characters now. There is not a shroud of mystery revolving who will be introduced and when. It will be very exciting to see how it will all play out in the upcoming episodes. We were able to see just a small portion of Ayato and Touka interacting, which was thrilling to see them quarrel. Even though they don’t seem to like each other, it appeared (at least to me) that Ayato was attempting to protect Touka from Yakumo. Meeting Banjo was interesting and will be intriguing to see him develop and learn the truth about Rize. Adding another hot-head into the mix will be fun!
Who thought that scene where Ken Kaneki was beaten was brutal? I know I thought so. It was surprisingly not censored (which I liked) and really showed the psychotic tendencies of Yakumo perfectly well. Showing that he was willing to beat Ken to that level only to satisfy his urge really makes it clear that the Anteiku ghouls are up against a pretty difficult foe.
Finally, Tsukiyama (that sly son-of-a-bitch) being back is curious. I am not sure whether or not he will end up back-stabbing everyone or will actually play along and be nice. Either way, it will add to the interesting dynamic of the Anteiku assault group.
Although it blows having to wait a whole another week to see the Anteiku ghouls go up against the Aogiri, it will be well worth the wait. I expect that the next episode will be action packed and filled with plenty of suspense. So stay tuned in, and get stoked for next week’s episode!

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Aogiri Another (more) exciting character building episode. More brutality and a kidnapping! Next week's episode will hopefully be crazy eventful.
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