I’m a big fan of survival horror games, and so naturally I’ve been following TGS to see what’s in store. There’s a lot of content being shown there, but I’m just going to showcase highlights so far.

First up to bat is The Evil Within, the new series by Resident Evil creater Shinji Mikami. The game is set to release next month (October 14 in NA and EU), so what we’re seeing is probably pretty close to the end product. At TGS, The Evil Within revealed a new trailer focused around what I assume to be the primary or one of the primary antagonists of the game. The character seems to be speaking to Sebastian (the protagonist and the character you will be playing), while we see Sebastian hobbling away through different terrifying areas in the game.

Next is a concept trailer for Silent Hills, the Silent Hill remake involving both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. The trailer takes place in the hallway of a house much like P.T., the playable trailer for Silent Hills, and looks to be just as horrific, if not more so. I would say this is the scariest game/video on this list. You have been warned.

Third is Resident Evil Revelations 2, which within the last week has gotten plenty of material to show off. Last week we got the official trailer for the game, and now at TGS we’re seeing some gameplay footage. For the first time since Code Veronica the game is following Claire Redfield. I’m excited to play her again,¬†since I really got drawn in by Resident Evil 2 where Claire and Leon made their debut. Lots has been revealed about this game in a week, but I’ll stick to TGS and show off the gameplay demo.

Lastly, BLOODBORNE! I’m so excited for this game that I was ecstatic when I saw the new trailer shown at TGS. It’s a brief gameplay trailer showing off new equipment, environments and enemies one will encounter throughout Bloodborne. As I’ve mentioned way too many times now, I’m a huge fan of the Souls series so I cannot wait for Bloodborne.

That’s it for now, but you can expect more information from Tokyo Game Show here on Bentobyte, as well as updates to this list if more survival horror games are shown at TGS.

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