It looks like the newest Dragon Ball game will be headed to PC by way of Steam in addition to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This information comes hot from a new trailer straight out of TGS which also reveals the premise of the story — the timeline of the Dragon Ball universe is in jeopardy and you’ve been summoned by Shenron to do something about it. You can watch the new trailer below and if you want to check out their website you can do it here.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is currently slated for a release in 2015, but PlayStation users can sign up to to be a part of the upcoming beta set for October 4th right now.

I personally haven’t played a Dragonball game since Budokai Tenkaichi, but the idea of saving the universe as your own custom character does sound appealing so I might just pick this one up.

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