The Binding of Isaac is a game that’s gathered something of a cult following. It’s something like the original Legend of Zelda, scrolling through rectangular environments that link together to make dungeons that one hunts through to find power ups and bosses to move forward through the game. If that was a bit winded let me put it this way, it’s a 2D dungeon crawler with a surprising amount of depth. Your character can be modified in an impressive amount of ways. It’s also weird, creepy, sacrilegious, disturbing and quite fun. Seriously, this game is dark, but made in an adorable art style. I just want to warn you. Just as a precaution. To make it to the point, The Binding of Isaac is celebrating its’ third “birthday” by being for sale on Steam for eighty-five percent (85%!) off. The original game and the DLC are for sale at a whopping ninety nine cents ($.99 USD).

It’s a steal if you ask me, but that’s only for another twelve hours or so. So to make up for the short notice, I bought ten extra copies for The Binding of Isaac. To share. With you! Here’s the deal: the first ten people to contact me through the comments or by email get a free copy of the complete collection of The Binding of Isaac. I should mention that my email is [email protected] Then we can be Steam friends and shoot the shit. I promise not to annoy you. Keep in mind that a new title in the series, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, is set for a November release, and those who own the original title get a discount on preordering the new one. So comment! Email! Tell me whatever, but be quick and let me know you want a free game. I’ll be happy to send one your way.

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