Yesterday Toonami ran a Q&A on their tumblr, calling for questions from fans of the block. The Q&A reveals details on what you can expect from their new schedule.

Schedule changes include the removal of Black Lagoon and Bleach which will beĀ replaced by Dragon Ball Z Kai. Aside from removals you’ll see re-runs for Attack on Titan and Space Dandy with plans for IGPX and FLCL to return somewhere down the line.

Older fans of both Adult Swim and Toonami will be sad to hear that classic titlesĀ Gundam and Big O won’t be seen anytime soon. This December will also mark the return of movie month, and if you were ever curious their most requested shows seem to be Sailor Moon, Kill La Kill and Sword Art Online II.

The biggest news by far though seems to be that Space Dandy may not see a third season. According to Toonami, a third season isn’t very likely though we may see a film or OVA. Dandy fans shouldn’t be too discouraged however as they were also quick to point out that as of yet nothing definitive has been said on the subject.


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