EverQuest Next is an ambition project, and one that looks to change everything you know about EverQuest as a series. So what exactly can you expect? Well according to the developers in this new trailer, a lot. For starters, unlike traditional MMOs there won’t be any quest hubs — instead, players will find themselves in a pivotal role during world events.

Rather than have lifeless NPCs, EverQuest Next will also feature non-player characters that are programmed to react to the player’s actions. The examples used in this trailer include items which can be imbued with special properties to direct their actions, such as a staff that radiates authority which will NPCs to bow with respect.

The trailer also describes a book called the Rohsong which will effectively act as your quest journal, guiding you toward events. It will also keep track of your gameplay, including the choices you make and your exploration throughout the world. Narrative is said to play a key role in your experience, with the world in EverQuest Next constantly evolving around you.

You’ll also see some of these concepts demonstrated, and while they are in their early stages the game seems to look rather promising.

EverQuest Next does not currently have a release date, but if we hear anything we’ll keep you posted. The game will be available on both the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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