It seems that with the announcement of Home’s closure numerous developers are stepping up to try their luck building a new platform as a replacement. The latest effort comes from Madmunki, the team responsible for experimental free-to-play game available in Home, Spunland.

It’s called Neotoptia, and it’s quite the ambitious undertaking for the studio formerly comprised of just two individuals. In fact — the project is so ambitious in scale that Madmunki has been rapidly expanding their team beyond the original two members, taking on talent from all over the industry including staff who have previously worked on a number of small titles like Burn Zombie Burn and South Park Let’s Go To Tower Defense Play.

According to the interview with Karen over at Your PS Home, Neotopia will feature a realistically rendered world with many of the key features you’ve come to expect from PlayStation Home such as public spaces, private spaces, and the ability to customize your avatar. It will also be free-to-play and funded entirely through the sale of virtual goods after it exits the crowdfunding stage.

The community involvement won’t stop there however, as there are plans to include the community at every step in the development. This plan is detailed with the recently launched kickstarter, and from the sound of it the users inhabiting the world which are referred to as “citizens” will be an integral part of creating and developing content for the service even after the launch. Neotopia seems to aim for a democracy by giving these citizens the ability to vote on what content they’d like to see.

Features listed for Neotopia include the following:

  • Fully customisable next gen avatars
  • Customisable personal apartments for you and your friends to share
  • Public Spaces to explore and socialise in featuring regular events to attend
  • Voice and text chat, animations and interactions
  • Group and club functions as well as a calendar to help you organise events and see what’s coming up
  • Virtual currency (the neobit) to spend on clothes, animations, furniture and apartments
  • A comprehensive Kudos system allowing you to show your appreciation for other users, items and spaces
  • Have a voice and help shape the world! Citizens will be able to vote on upcoming features and content in world and via the internet. Secure your citizenship, get exclusive items and get voting now via the £30 pledge or earn your citizenship post-release.
  • A variety of games and activities for you and your friends to enjoy together
  • Regularly updated with new themes and features

The kickstarter for Neotopia launched today, and at the time of writing currently sits at £870 of the £250,000 asked. If it’s successful, you can expect to see Neotopia appear on the PlayStation 4 in the distant future.

As enthusiastic as I am, I think I’ll remain skeptical until we see some footage of the project — something which the kickstarter does not currently provide. If you want to keep an eye on the progress of Neotopia beyond the kickstarter, you can visit the forums at their website where the developers are already taking suggestions and follow their blog.

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