“Hologram” entertainment has become more and more popular lately between The Gorillaz, Hatsune Miku and 2Pac. The first time I recall seeing one was during the 2Pac performance at Coachella 2012, and I’ve been fascinated by the technology ever since. It’s for this reason that I’ve always wanted to see Hatsune Mike — she isn’t a real idol, she’s a virtual one. To this end, the only way to see her live outside of a video screen is projection.

Last night, Hatsune Miku performed on the Late Show with David Letterman and it was about as weird as you’d expect. You see, for the uninitiated after every performance David Letterman makes it his mission to speak to the musical guest. Whether that be to have a quick conversation before the end of the show or to ask if the drums are owned or rental, it’s a pretty nice gesture — but as you might imagine with a virtual idol, things can get rather awkward.

You can see how humorous David Letterman finds it when he thanks her after the performance and then she subsequently disappears. It was a good performance, and I’m amazed they were able to get a spot on David Letterman. His audience as a whole doesn’t strike me as someone who would be interested in such a thing, though my suspicions were confirmed when the camera panned over to the audience looking awfully bored. I don’t blame them though, it’s a niche!

You can watch the video below, and if you’re really interested there’s an expo dedicated to the idol coming up in the next few days that will be hitting both Los Angeles and New York. Tickets are still available.

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