It seems Resident Evil is not content staying to a singular medium. The series made the jump from games to movies back in 2002, and is now apparently set to become a TV series thanks to German production house Constantin Film, the group responsible for the production of the Resident Evil film franchise. Constantin Film is in the process of moving its’ series from the big screen to the TV, and it’s not too surprising to hear that Resident Evil will be included in this effort. Still, Resident Evil being a TV show is crazy. There’s no word on if the TV series will be related to the films yet, though I kind of hope it isn’t. I feel like the films’ story has kind of played out. Maybe that’s just me. I prefer the games anyway. As far as a release date, all we know is that the show won’t launch until after the sixth and final film of the Resident Evil franchise.

Thanks to Done Dirt for the image.

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