Not gonna be able to make it to the Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival in Las Vegas this weekend? That’s okay, because it looks like Square Enix will be providing a live stream of the event via twitch. You’ll be able to see events, interviews, and plenty of the show floor. The stream will be free to watch in standard definition from the Final Fantasy XIV twitch channel, but if you pony up a bit of cash — $20 to be exact — you can watch the stream from festival’s twitch channel in high definition and get access to some exclusive stuff.

What will you get for your $20?

  • HD resolution
  • Includes the opening keynote by Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida
  • Includes the closing ceremonies event
  • A code for the Moogle Attire bonus item
  • Unique Twitch subscriber emotes
  • Access to the archived footage until March 31, 2015
  • Hosted on the official Las Vegas Fan Festival Twitch channel

It looks like Square Enix is trying to go down the route of BlizzCon, by offering attendees and stream viewers special goodies for the game. If you were wondering just what Moogle Attire looks like, you can read about it here.


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