It’s October, and with October comes Halloween and all the spooky things you could possibly imagine. To celebrate, Hi-Rez Studios is throwing a Halloween event titled The Reaping and it will run from Friday, October 17th to Sunday, October 19th. So what can you expect from this event? Quite a bit, actually.

For starters, all gods will be playable for every player — yes, even those without the god pack. All players will also receive double worshippers during the course of the event meaning that you’ll be able to master gods at a much quicker rate. Finally, those who get all of the first win of the day bonuses for each day the event runs will recieve 100 gems per day which means there is the potential to win up to 300 gems. Oh yeah, and your first win of the day bonus will also grant you an awesome Jack-O-Lantern player icon.


In other Smite news, earlier this week we saw a new patch with a remodel for Bakasura, three new skins (two for Osiris and one for Zhong Kui) and brand new Halloween chests which will cost 400 gems and give you the ability to unlock special Halloween skins including the coveted Jack the Reaper Thanatos. If you’re not keen on chests though, you can find Jack the Reaper thanatos in the store for 600 gems — but only for a limited time.

There are also new voice packs, ward skins, and various balance changes and bug fixes. Most notably, this patch introduces the ability to swap your announcer pack with some of your favorite eSports casters. As of right now, you can choose between DryBear, HiRezBart and DMBrandon. These new announcer packs will replace your kill streak and multi kill announcements. If you want to read more about the patch, you can do so here.

Special Halloween Event – The Reaping/New in Smite: There and Baka Again!

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