“Nintendo Teams Up with Playboy to Promote Bayonetta 2.” That sentence doesn’t seem right. Nintendo, the family gaming company known for lovable series like the Mario games or Donkey Kong, teaming up with Playboy, likely the most popular adult entertainment (Men’s Lifestyle) magazine in the world? I never thought I’d see Nintendo directly working with Playboy on something. Maybe a bunny dressed like a character from a classic series. Maybe. But promotional work for a new game?

Though that might be a dated idea. Nintendo has definitely been trying to appeal more to the older generation, why else would they get the exclusive rights to Bayonetta 2? (I hear it’s amazing. Comment if you’ve played it. Tell me what you thought.) Not only that, but apparently Nintendo made sure that Platinum Games made Bayonetta’s Nintendo themed costumes skimpy instead of more authentic. It’s not just Bayonetta either. The movement of almost all of the Batman Arkham series is playable on Nintendo consoles, they even got the handheld Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate along side the PSVita. Even some of the more family friendly Wii U games appeal more to those of the older generations: Hyrule Warriors is a Zelda game in setting, but really appeals to fans of the Orochi (Warriors) series. Maybe I’m reaching, but I think Nintendo is definitely trying to make a place for itself among older gamers. (Though, to be honest, I bought a Wii U almost exclusively because of the new Smash Brothers. You don’t to grow up Nintendo. I still love you.)

But what about Playboy? What was the appeal for them? Well, I guess the first thing to mention would be that Pamela Horton, Playboy Playmate of October 2012 and the model portraying Bayonetta, is a gamer and was excited at notion of getting to cosplay Bayonetta. But people forget, myself included, that Playboy really is an entertainment magazine. Yes, of course, the models featured inside are the primary draw for most, but there is more to the magazine. In the past, Playboy has featured short stories written by Arthur C. Clarke (co-writer of 2001: A Space Odyssey), Ian Fleming (writer of the James Bond series) and Chuck Palahniuk (writer of Fight Club), and features monthly interviews of interesting public figures including artists, economists, directors journalists, religious figures and even politicians. So while I don’t exactly relate Playboy to gaming, it’s not too surprising to see them branch out in this way.

To be clear, Nintendo and Playboy teaming up totally shocked me. I’m still a bit surprised. But I think I can understand how it came to happen. If you’re interested in seeing the Bayonetta spread, here are some of the photos:

Here’s a link to the complete spread. The spread isn’t too risque, but you should know the rest of the site qualifies as not safe for work. You can also vote for your favorite image on Playboy’s Facebook.  If you’re interested in Bayonetta 2 (which includes the original Bayonetta), you can pick it up for the Wii U now.

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