Just in time for Halloween, Bungie has added some new “spooky ” items in there latest update for Destiny.

The items include:

  • Flight of Shadowsa consumable that will change the appearance of your respawn . This effect will only last 24 hour after consuming. You can obtain the item by killing Hive.



  • The Jackolyte – An item when used gives you a three-eye jack-o-lantern head. This item can also be obtained by killing Hive. Jackolyte’s will be delivered to you via the Postmaster in an item called All Hallows’ Eve


Bungie has also added 4 new Halloween themed sparrows : The S-30 Tumbler, The S-31 Nightfall, The S-32 Snowflake, and The S-33 Dragonrider.


Finally the last item Bungie added in the update is what seems to be part of some sort of referral system. The item is called Refer A Fireteam. No one is sure what this item is or what it does.

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