Nosgoth is a game that seems to be built for competitive matches, as it is highly dependent on team cooperation. Unlike in most games, in Nosgoth you have to work together as a team because if you don’t you will get absolutely torn apart by your enemies whether that is the humans or the vampires. It makes sense that in an effort to test the waters for eSports, Nosgoth will be partnering with ESL to bring the first ever tournament to the game.

The tournament will begin for both North America and Europe on November 9th, with both weekly and monthly competitions featuring prize pools for both. The latest update to the game also made some changes to this end, with the addition of private matches and the ability to record your matches through a feature called NosCam — a match recorder developed by the team working on Nosgoth.

It sounds like Nosgoth is getting interesting, now if only they could fix someĀ of the problems that the game is plagued by. If you’d like to know more about the tournament, you can check out this link which will lead you to the global portal over at ESL.

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