A scarred land engulfed in the vicious flames of war, this is the imagery that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD conveys. Square Enix’s new cinematic trailer tells the tale of a bloody conflict between warring factions, relentlessly vying for control over an arcane crystal.

The opening scene of the bloodied and battered soldier immediately sets the tone; war is ugly, it has consequences and permanence. As to how far Type-0 will go with these themes is yet to bet seen (unless you’ve played the Japanese release), but Square Enix have made it clear that they were going for a “realistic” and “mature” Final Fantasy. If it truly will be like this, I’m sold.

The second half was intriguing as well, focusing on the elite combat unit, Class-0, as well as the individual territories of Orience. Of varying magical abilities, such as elemental fire, ice, and lightning, to magical firearms, and sword techniques, Class-0 looks fun to play as. Given that combat will be in real-time and accompanied by realistic status ailments, fighting may be a lot more compelling this time around for those who are easily bored by turn-based combat.

Here’s a gameplay trailer:

So, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD will be coming out next March. I’m digging it. Are you?

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