Blizzard is a company that’s done a lot over the years, going from genre to genre. Now they’re about to mix it up again and enter a new genre with their latest title — Overwatch. The game is set to be a team-based multiplayer shooter and will feature what some are calling Pixar-like graphics. As you might imagine, the game will be PvP and have multiple characters each with their own weapons and abilities.

Overwatch will enter beta sooner than you think starting in 2015, and as of right now you can opt-in for your chance to partake. The game is supposedly a reworked version of the ill-fated Titan’s PvP components which has been worked on since 2013, so the quick announcement actually makes a bit of sense. It looks like Overwatch will prove to be another interesting outing from Blizzard, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

For more information on the game as well as the characters you’ll be playing as, check out the website.

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