Episode 18: House in the Forest

With the prior arc of  Sword Art Online coming to an end in the last episode, this episode was, of course, going to introduce the next one. Thankfully, this one will be centered around Asuna, meaning she will be way more involved than she has been in either of the first two arcs of this season. To start off, we got to experience something that we have been waiting all season for: a heartwarming moment between Asuna and Kirito.

After a very heart warming (and in some cases couple puke worthy cuteness) moment of Asuna describing her feelings of Kirito and home, they all set out to defeat the dungeon boss of level 21. This finally allowed them to get the cabin they had on floor 22 in the past back. The scene of them purchasing the house and stepping in together was……very gratifying. I’m a softy when it comes to Kirito and Asuna. So this scene alone was something I had been hoping for and thought was very fulfilling.


If your heart didn’t melt at least a little bit, then you’re a robot.

Outside of that scene, the rest of the episode felt like a very slow paced intro into the next arc of the show. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite excited to see Asuna become the main protagonist, however, the pacing and the build up in the rest of the episode took a long time. In the first arc of Sword Art Online, things moved very quickly (and with a sense of urgency), which is partially why I liked it so much. And I feel that this season has been moving awfully slow. I still really enjoy it, I just hope the pacing picks back up again.

It is my hope that this arc has some real-life dangerous implications, because that would make things a bit more interesting again. I know it will happen again eventually down the road, but let’s be honest I’m impatient and I want instant gratification.

With the introduction of the Absolute Sword character, it should be interesting to see this person in action. Plus, I have felt that the show has been lacking Asuna performing in close combat. It’s my guess that this arc will be spent with Asuna acquiring the 11-hit Original Sword Skill, that way Kirito and her have legendary weapons for them to take on the next big threat. Overall, the overpowered players and this 11-hit skill should be an interesting challenge and I cannot wait to see Asuna rise to the occasion!

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House in the Forest With the prior arc ending this episode sets the show up for the final arc of the season. Thankfully Asuna will be the featured character and not be on the sidelines. It was an emotional start but the shows seems to be going at a much slower pace. It will be nice though having Asuna back as a prevalent protagonist.
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